Collection: Dry Fruits

What are dried fruits?

Dried fruits are fruits that are devoid of any original water. The water is extracted from the fruits through the natural process of sun drying or specialized dehydrators and dryers. The most common dried fruits include almond (badam), cashew (kaju), pistachio (pista), figs (anjeer), walnut (akhrot), raisins, dates, apricots, prunes or dried plums and peaches.

Types of Dry Fruits

We can say that there are 14 types of dried fruits-
  • Almonds, also called as badam.
  • Apricot, which is well known as Khurmani.
  • Rahsweets, which are the kajus in the local terms.
  • Dates also called as khajoor.
  • Dried dates are the chuara or harik.
  • Dried figs, also called as anjeer in the local terms.
  • Fox Nuts, or makhana.
  • Walnuts, which are referred to as akhrot.
  • Peanuts that are moongphali. 
  • Pine Nuts, like chilgoza, nioze.
  • Pistachios, or as we say pista.
  • Raisins we call kishmish in local terms.
  • Saffron, or Kesar.
  • Watermelon seeds, or magaz.
  • Chironji or Charoli.
  • Cranberry or करौंदा.

Conditions required for the growth of dry fruits 

Dry fruits require specific conditions to grow. The ideal conditions for the growth of the dry fruits are high drying and processing temperatures, along with a low antarctic pH level of the fruit. Additionally, a crucial element is the lack of moisture activity or moisture content. Lastly, the natural antimicrobial compounds and their presence in dried fruits help in making dried fruits a stable food. The ideal growing climatic conditions include dry, hot summers.

Medicinal benefits of dry fruits 

Dry fruits offer numerous medicinal benefits because of their high nutritious content. Dry fruits consist of huge amounts of magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and numerous vitamins. The vitamin content includes vitamins D, A, K1, B6 and E. Therefore, your immune system gets boosted, strengthened and highly taken care of by the nutritious content of the dried fruits. Dry fruits make your immune system the strongest and induce anti-inflammatory properties

Health benefits of dry fruits

Along with medicinal benefits, there are many health benefits of dry fruits as well. 
  • Helps lose weight 

Dry fruits have high fibre content. Therefore, they help in large-scale weight loss. They are wholesome snacks and can make you feel full without increasing your calorie content. Thus, obesity, which is an increasing health issue at present, can easily be tackled with the help of dry fruits. 
  • Rejuvenates skin quality 

Dry fruits consist of antioxidant properties therefore, your skin obtains all the necessary oxygen molecules that it needs to keep itself healthy and fresh. Additionally, dry fruits' anti-inflammatory properties help make your skin more even tone and free from any inflammations. 
  • Better heart 

Dry fruits, especially walnuts, have rich omega-3 fatty acids. This component helps in minimising the triglyceride level in your blood. And this becomes functional in reducing cholesterol. Consequently, with decreased levels of cholesterol, your heart enjoys better health. 
  • Helps tackle Type-2 diabetes 

Metabolic diseases such as type-2 diabetes can be tackled with the help of dry fruits. Their micronutrient, macronutrient and bioactive compound content help in bringing positive effects on diabetes. 

How to pick the best quality dry fruits? 

There are certain factors that will help you determine the best quality dry fruits, the factors include checking the colour, taste and external appearance of the fruits. Also, buying packaged dry fruits from reputed brands is highly recommended. 

Dishes to prepare from dry fruits 

Some of the best dishes to prepare from dry fruits are as follows:
  • Dry fruit chikki, which is a mixture of numerous dried fruits with jaggery.
  • Baked almond kofta.
  • Plum cake, where the fruits act as delicious add-ons.
  • Anjeer ke kebab.
  • Dry fruit Kesar kulfi, which can be the perfect dessert.

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Things to see when buying dry fruits online 

Here are the factors you must see when buying dry fruits online. 
  • Buy from a reputed and trusted brand or online website.
  • Ensure that the delivery time taken is not long.
  • Also, consider that customer support is responsive and responsible.
  • Check the manufacturing date and the expiry date of the dry fruits.

Nutrient content of dry fruits 

The following are the nutrients which are richly present in dry fruits.
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K1 
  • Vitamin E

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FAQs on Dry Fruits

How can I store dry fruits?

You must store dry fruits in air-tight containers. Otherwise, they can easily dry, as air and moisture can readily damage and degenerate their quality. Therefore, you must also ensure that the dry fruits are kept away from air and moisture. 

Can I place dry fruits in my refrigerator?

It is best to store the dry fruits in a refrigerator. It is because refrigerators are devoid of any unnecessary moisture, sunlight and sit. Also, the conditions there are perfect, helping sustain the optimum quality of the dry fruits for the longest time. 

How long can I keep dried fruits? 

When stored in the best conditions, in an ideal way, the dried fruits can be stored for as many as six months. After that, you must check on their quality before you consume them. Also, the time for storage might vary with the quality of the dry fruits and the conditions of storing them. 

 Do dry fruits have expiry dates? 

The storage of the dry fruits determines their expiration period. When you store the dry fruits properly, the dry fruits can remain freshest for a minimum of five months and a maximum of six months.

Which dry fruit can help in losing weight? 

Dry fruits can readily help in losing weight. But among the several types of dry fruits, walnuts are the best that help in losing weight. Other than walnuts, prunes are dry fruits that can be equally helpful in weight loss. 

Which dry fruit will provide me with more energy?

Dry fruits such as apricots, raisins and figs can readily help in boosting your energy levels. It is because they are rich in carbohydrate content and fibre, which helps in better digestion. And thus, it becomes some of the most effective and efficient sources of energy.

Dry Fruit Price List
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Koshur One Tree Almond Kernel ₹ 625.00 INR
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Koshur Kagzi Almonds (With Shell) ₹ 345.00 INR
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