Collection: Pure Kashmiri Honey

What is Kashmiri Honey?

The velvety, amber-coloured, viscous liquid is called Kashmiri honey. It has the most charming aromas among all varieties of honey which is extracted from the valley of Kashmir. The original honey from Kashmir is composed of nectar derived from the Acacia tree, which is predominant in the regions of Kashmir valley. The Apis Mellifera species of bees are responsible for producing Kashmiri honey, and beekeepers of the farms harvest this honey from the bee farms. It is extracted mainly during May and June and is only available for a limited time. Also, most of the Kashmiri honey extracted is sold to different parts of the globe due to increased demand.

How is Kashmiri honey different from other honey?

The reason behind stressing particularly on Kashmiri honey is that there are different benefits of using it. But how can you tell the difference between this honey and other types of honey? Certain characteristic features are unique to and are found in it only. This distinctive feature distinguishes the Kashmiri honey from the rest and makes it the most refined quality of honey among all the types available. 

The first characteristic feature that differentiates Kashmiri honey from others is the color. They are amber coloured and it is pretty challenging to find any other type of Honey of the same colour.  The next distinguishable feature of Kashmiri honey is its velvety texture. It is thick and such density is also rare to be found in any other type of honey. Lastly, the aroma of this honey is soothing and very different from the other types of honey. This is because their extraction process is different and emphasizes the other types, and their aroma is more blissful and distinguishable from the other types of honey. 

Ways to identify pure original Honey?

With an increasing amount of unwanted materials being introduced into the market, it has become challenging to distinguish original honey from the fake ones. However, there are some simple steps that you can follow to know whether the item you have is original or adulterated. 

  • HoneyComb Procedure

Add honey in a bowl and then add water. After adding water to the honey, try swirling it clockwise. If the mixture forms a honeycomb structure inside the bowl, it means that the honey you bought is original and pure. 

  • Water Test

To test whether your honey is pure, you can put one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. If a lump of honey settles down at the bottom of the glass, it means that it is pure and not adulterated. You can contact us without much hassle if you are looking for pure Kashmiri honey at an original honey price

  • Tissue Paper Test

This is a common test for testing the purity of honey. Add honey to the tissue paper and see whether it absorbs it. If the honey is not absorbed, you have pure Kashmiri honey in hand. 

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Where is Kashmiri honey found?

Places having constant and high temperatures are best for the thriving of honey bees. Therefore, places where the conditions are hot and humid, and the climatic conditions remain persistent are ideal for the growth of Honey. Thus, Kashmiri honey is mainly cultivated and extracted from areas where the temperature is consistently high and humid, which allows the honey bees to thrive and, thus, produce the best quality honey. 

Method of obtaining original honey

There are different steps involved in obtaining honey from beehives. Let us see how pure and original honey is extracted.

  • Taking out the honey frames from the hives

This is the first step in obtaining honey. The number of honey frames depends on several factors: the amount of nectar present, colony's strength, the weather and many more. The beekeepers must ensure that they are wearing protective gear to prevent honey bee bites. 

  • Uncapping honey from the wax frames

To extract the pure Kashmiri honey, you need to cut the top of the caps or the cells. Both sides of the frames must be uncapped because honey is present on both sides of the frames. 

  • Spinning of the Honey frames

The frames are further placed inside an extractor where the honey is forced out of the frames and comb and is collected inside the extractor. Once the spinning of the extractor stops, the honey frames are taken out and flipped to collect the honey from both sides of the frame.

  • Collecting the Honey extracted

Place a bucket at the bottom of the extractor and open the valve. Once the original honey is collected, open the valve and gather it in the bucket. You can then use a paint strainer to filter the pure honey and use it.

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What determines the original honey price?

The original honey price depends on several factors, mainly the honey's characteristics that decide the product's price. Therefore, the first influential factor that decides the price of the Honey is its colour; original Kashmiri honey is amber-red. So, Amber red coloured honey will be higher priced than standard coloured honey available in the markets. 

Next is the viscosity or the density of the honey. If the honey has a velvety and viscous texture, it is original Kashmiri honey and will be expensive. The viscous  the honey you choose, the more authentic the product is and, therefore, the higher the price. Lastly, the aroma is the determining factor of the price of the honey you choose. If you smell a herby and soothing aroma, then the quality of the honey is authentic. As a result, the price will be high. 

The other types of honeys have a dense smell that is not very pleasant. Therefore, the aroma is an essential factor in determining the quality of Honey. When you buy honey online, other factors such as the website you choose, the location of the online store, the prevailing offers and other similar factors infer the price of the Honey. 

How can you use Kashmiri honey?

Kashmiri honey can be used in multiple ways -

  • Treat your burns and wounds with this Honey

Kashmiri honey has been used to treat wounds and burns for a long time, and is known for killing bacteria which cause infections. 
  • Good for Lustrous Hair and Glowing Skin

Pure Honey from Kashmir has a long presence for providing beauty to your skin and keeping it glowing for a longer time. You can also use DIY methods to use it  as a cleanser. 
  • Immunity Booster

The immune system is the  gatekeeper for your health, and Kashmiri honey can best boost it. So, pure honey is one natural way to improve your health by boosting immunity.

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Benefits of using original Honey

There are numerous benefits of using original honey:

  • Contains antifungal and antibacterial properties

The propolis present in raw honey contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Raw honey can be used for treating both tropical and internal issues. 

  • Assists in resolving digestive problems

Kashmiri honey can be an effective solution for digestive problems like diarrhoea. It also contains essential prebiotics, which is known for nourishing the good bacteria inside the intestine.

  • Relieves cough and sore throat

Honey is an effective remedy for treating sore throats and prevents aches. You can add a spoonful of honey to lemon water or hot tea to get the best results, and it is one of the most natural treatments for treating cold hits.

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Kashmiri Honey Price List

Kashmiri Honey

Price (RS)

Koshur Kashmiri White Honey

₹ 350 INR

Koshur Infused Saffron White Honey

₹ 450.00 INR

Koshur Dry Fruit Mix Acacia Honey

₹ 400.00 INR

Koshur Gulkand Honey with Jam

₹ 300.00 INR

Koshur Kashmir White Honey and Shilajit Combo

₹ 1199.00 INR

Koshur Kashmiri White Honey(500 gms) and Mongra Saffron Combo

₹ 949.00 INR

Koshur Saffron Infused White Honey and Shilajit Combo

₹ 1249.00 INR

Koshur Saffron Infused White Honey(500 gms) and Mongra Saffron Combo

₹ 949.00 INR

Koshur Dry Fruit Mix Acacia Honey and Shilajit Combo

₹ 1249.00 INR

Koshur Dry Fruit Mix Acacia Honey and Mongra Saffron Combo

₹ 949.00 INR