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Manzoor Ahmed - The Stone Artist Quitting His Craft

“I put my heart and soul into the making of these paintings. It takes me somewhere around 3 to 6 months to make a single stone painting. I don’t mind the time. This craft is my invention, my baby. However, it disheartened me when such specimens of my craftsmanship did not get recognized and hence, did not sell. I have decided to carry on for 1 more month. If these efforts don't bring forth any result, I will quit."

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Pansy Engraved Handmade Walnut Wood Jewelry Box

Because the jewelry you wear is precious, the very thing in which you safeguard it in should be no less! Get an intricately carved walnut wood box play host to your jewels.

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Talat AzizIndia

Here I am with your black shawl.I have received the shawl and it is really nice. Thank you so much for the same. The next order will come to you soon.

Siriwatana H.Thailand

I just got 2 pashmina stoles from you with this gorgeous papier mache box. Thank you for this gift. Kashmir Box is my favorite website ever. Thanks!

Sandeep GuptaIndia

I wanted this product to add beauty and soul to make my house a nice warm home. I really appreciate this art and am very fond of getting unique pieces for my home.

Atrayee BanerjeeU.K

Hello! Simply loved your saree! Wore it on Diwali in London, can't wait to flaunt it again.

Neha TyagiIndia

Kashmir Box always ensures high quality for all its products. And to top it all, their customer care is always ready to solve any of your queries. Kudos to the entire Kashmir Box team.

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