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Treasure Your Winter Looks With The Grandeur Of Ethnically Ethereal Kashmiri Phirans.

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Winter Suits

Classical Epitomes Laden In Art Choose Tradition Coupled With Style.

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Fine Woolen Shawls

Envelope Yourself In Warm Embrace Union Of Crafts And Wool For Chilly Winters.

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#Ensemble of Embroideries

Ingenious Namdas

Passionately Crafted Classics Of Tradition. Grace Your Living Spaces With The Utmost Luxury Of This Treasure Connected To The Roots Of Kashmir.

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Alluring Silk Jackets

Mastered Ardently To Woo Your Ethnic And Dressing Style. Graceful And Trendy Demenour To Represent The Royal Yet Classical Brilliance Of Art.

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Royal Chain Stitch Rugs

Grandly Ornated With Intricate Dexterous Effort Of A Hook. Reflect An Artsy Style And Craftmanship To Flaunt The Luxurious Legacy.

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Yangchen Bhutia

Finally the season is here to wear this beautiful coat from you

Shreya Chaudhary

A little piece of heaven in Bangalore (firdaus)


Thank you for the 'Mahtaab', (which means moon, how precious) an embroidered Kashidakari Saree

The Blog

Special Hands

Special Hands

“My name is Tariq Ahmed and I with my family live in this village from my childhood. It is me who started this group “Special Hands” and a group of artisans work in...
The Genius of Ghulam Nabi Dar

The Genius of Ghulam Nabi Dar

I observe him working on a box, the elaborate detailing of which leaves me totally awestruck. He captures even the tiniest veins of a leaf with a whole multitude of tools which he...
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