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From the heart of Srinagar


Reviving a Heritage Lost


Crafted in Kashmir

Luxurious Pashmina Wraps


Health. Exotic Indulgence. Stylish Apparels.

Easy Well Being

Premium Dry Fruits

A Royal Retreat

Kashmiri Wazwan

Kashmiri Red Chilli

Hot and Spicy

Gowns to Cherish

Threaded in Aari

Yards of Elegance

Plush Sarees

A Kashmiri Sojourn

A Walk Into the Streets of Shehr -e- Khaas

The Downtown of Srinagar is the hub of most crafts of the valley. It is a labyrinth of arterial roads and bustling bazaars revealing distinct sights, smells and sounds which have never failed to mesmerize its passersby.


The Best of Kashmiri Delicacies, Crafts, Apparel and More

Pretty in Kurtis

Embroidered Kurtas

Starts From Rs.680

Color Melodies

Paper Mache Décore

Starts From Rs.159

A Crewel Abode

Embroidered Curtains

Starts From Rs.1599

Kashmir Willow Bats

Kashmir Willow Bats

Starts from Rs.750

The Wooden Folklore

Walnut Wood Décor

Starts From 199

Suncare Organica

Skin care Regimes

Starts Rs.900

Exotic Saffron

Strands of Good Health

From Rs.240


The Kashmiri Pickle

From Rs.45


People, Places, Art, Craft and Food!

Crewel - A Stitch in Time

When on the lookout for exquisite home décor, there is this one Craft which has always mesmerized many a people.We call this craft Crewel. It uses a specialized hook called Awl or Aari, a sturdy base fabric and thick threads of wool. Read More...

Sameer Designs - A Tale of Two Brothers

Manzoor Sahab masters the skill of hand Aari embroidery. Working from dawn to dusk, he earn barely 115 Rupees a day. However, his heart is stuck with this craft. He does not want to let it die. Read More...

Crafted with Love

The Glorious Art and Craft of Kashmir

Pashmina Weaving

Royal Artwork

Paper Mache

Beautiful Color Melodies!

Starting from Rs,159

Walnut Wood

Precious Hand Art

From Rs.975

Oriental Carpets

Hand Knotted Kashmir Carpets

Beautiful Handmade Carpets in every size!


Intricate Hand Art

Chain Stitch Upholstery

Timeless Tilla

Tilla Dozi

Shimmery Threads


The Traditional Kashmir

From Rs.1480

Kani Pashminas

Weaving Royalty by Hand

From Rs.14500

Kashmir Box - Your Convenient Connection to the best of Kashmir
Kashmir Box prides itself for being an artisan family of more than 1000 artisans, 200 producers and 50+ local brands from the remotest corners of Kashmir. We aim to bring the most cherished and glorious of authentic Kashmiri Crafts and produce to our valued customers, giving them the most seamless shopping experience ever. Whether you are looking for the soft embrace of Pashmina & Cashmere, or to charm up your attire with the best of Kashmiri Embroideries like Aari, Sozni & Tilla or to décor up your home with Paper Machie & Walnut Wood beauties or simply to treat yourself to the exquisite Kashmiri Kahwa, Dry Fruits, Saffron and Wazwan, or to benefit from the age old health boosters like Mountain Shilajit, we have got you covered. We are your convenient connection to the best of Kashmir, an easy way to get all the beautiful products as easily and hassle free as is possible.