About Us

Kashmir Box is an inception of young thoughtful minds that went online to promote the traditional Heritage of Kashmir. Affected by the plight of local Kashmiri Artisans, the founders vowed to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Kashmiri Artisans and vouched in to create a global marketplace for them. The idea was, to bring the World to their Doorsteps! Gradually, the idea grew and took a beautiful form of taking Kashmir to the world by Creating the Brand Kashmir.

In a humble span of eleven years, Kashmir Box has become unanimous with Kashmir. Kashmir Box has now become the marketplace for local artisans, craftsmen, producers and creative entrepreneurs who showcase their products to the world. We intend to create micro entrepreneurs out of these artisans, give them what they deserve, increase the employment in this field by increasing their wages and in turn improve their standard of living. Our artisans and partners get to sell their products by their own individual brand names, empowering then and giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Kashmir Box is a one stop shopping destination for anyone who wishes to purchase from the vale of Kashmir. We understand our customers’ requirements and bring authentic, genuine and exquisite Kashmiri products to their doorsteps.

Our credibility is reflected in the standard of our products.

At Kashmir Box, we are a community, a family of local artisans, craftsmen, producers and creative from different arts and crafts of Kashmir. We work together in creating the Brand Kashmir, we strive together to take Kashmir, its rich tradition to the outside world. Our mission is to make the Local Artisan of Kashmir, a proud, economically sound Artist, who is valued for his hard work and efforts and acknowledged by the world as he deserves to be. We strive to unveil the Artisan who has been hiding behind the retailer, hiding behind the distributor and those long intermediary chains. We want the world to know him, the artist behind the masterpiece. Kashmir Box is a community with more than 10,000 artisan families involved and we are still growing to reach them all over our valley.

Kashmir Box Foundation

We are more than just a business. We are a social impact business that aims to contribute to raising the standards of living of our artisan family in Kashmir. Kashmir Box Foundation is a small initiative wherein a small percentage of total profit we make goes into the foundation to help the artisans in their education, marriage and other expenses.