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From the lush fields of Pampore, Koshur handpicks pure Kashmiri saffron to make your culinary experiences magical.

Koshur proudly announces housing the world purest and 100% certified Kashmiri Saffron, freshly handpicked and packed to give you the best experience.

Why Choose Koshur

Koshur Foods has the proud privilege to house the world’s best quality Kashmiri saffron in its purest form, 100% certified.

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From cultivation to blossom

The saffron corm


The saffron flower


Full Lacha Saffron


Mogra Saffron


Zarda Saffron


Saffron Waste


What's Inside the Flower -Parts of a Saffron Strand

Not all variants of the prestigious saffron are the same. Three grades of saffron can be acquired from one single stigma.

Grades of saffron are actually the different parts of a single strand. Here is a closer look at one saffron strand.

Variants of Saffron

And Here They Are:

Saffron as an Ingredient

Not just as a whole spice, saffron bestows its wholesomeness to anything that it is mixed with.

The benefits of Kashmiri Saffron are many. Here is just four of them to start with.

As Good As Gold - Kashmiri Saffron:

Known as the 'King of Spices', Kashmiri Saffron rewards its users in a thousand ways. Here are just some to start with..


Aids Weight Loss


Helps Relieve Stress


Aids Memory Retention


Protects Against Cold

About Us.

A proud family of more than 200 farmers, Kashmir Box aims to introduce the cherished Kashmiri foods to the world, providing our valued customers a seamless shopping experience ever, and support & empower the grassroot artisan, who toils months together to provide you pure and the freshest of what this Paradise offers.

A proud family of 100K artisans and more than 200 farmers, Kashmir Box is the one platform which offers the best from Kashmir to our valued artisans.
Koshur foods delights its patrons with its pure, certified and 100% natural food produce. Working with individual farmers, Koshur adapts the best farm practices to offer you the best of Kashmir.

Koshur Foods

Koshur™ is passionate about creating feelings of delight amongst its patrons. We do this by bringing forth the best of food from the very depths of Jammu and Kashmir. Working with individual farmers by adapting best farm practices, our sincere effort is to influence you to adopt a healthy & beautiful lifestyle with our three core values:


100% pure and fresh


From farms to your home


Hygienically packed with Love

Customers Say it all

I have tried just about every brand in India - nothing comes close in terms of smell, taste or colour to this one! Well done, Kashmir Box


I like the quality, price and service. Real fast shipment & quick response of queries. I'll surely purchase again. Best of luck for your venture. We love Kashmir and Kashmir Box

Mukesh J

I should say it is indeed real Kashmiri Saffron in its purest form. Checked, used and loved it. Congrats team KB for this high quality of products. Keep it up

Muhammed B

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