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Koshur Walnut Kernels Snow White Quarter (Milky)

Koshur Walnut Kernels Snow White Quarter (Milky)

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Walnut (Akhrot) from Kashmir

Organic Kashmiri Walnuts are high in protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils. Compared with other nuts, which typically contain a high amount of mono-unsaturated fats, Kashmiri Walnuts are unique because the fats in them are primarily poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and are the only nut with a significant amount of alpha-linolenic acid. Moreover, Kashmiri Walnuts have insignificant amounts of sodium and are cholesterol free. Koshur Kashmiri Walnuts are a premium organic produce from the fields of Kashmir Valley. Hygienically packed in a way which retains freshness and its nutritional values, Kashmiri Walnuts are served only in their best and healthiest state to its patrons.

  • Omega 3 rich
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Straight from the source
  • For the Connoisseurs of exotic foods
  • Purity guaranteed


What is special about Kashmiri Walnuts?

Kashmiri Walnuts are famous worldwide for their superior taste and quality. Yet the best thing about Kashmiri Walnuts is the fact that they are organic. No chemical fertilizers are used in the process of growing Kashmiri Walnuts. Kashmiri Walnuts are rich in poly-unsaturated fats and mono-unsaturated fats and are a good source of proteins.  Being rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Kashmiri Walnuts are considered the best nut for brain health. 

How are Kashmiri Walnuts Cultivated?

The walnut harvesting season is the Autumn season here in Kashmir and our Kashmiri growers start plucking and picking the crop. It starts with beating the branches of a huge walnut tree with a long stick (Lanz) so that the crop falls to the ground. It is done manually by the one who climbs up to the top of the walnut tree.

Once the crop falls to the ground, it is a round, green colored crop. The outer green cover is called the husk (Gollur) while the harder shell inside it surrounding the fruit is called endocarp (Kend). This crop is collected in huge numbers and a process of removing their green cover takes place. It is done mostly by the women folk of the grower’s family. 

They do it by beating the collected crop with a thick wooden stick so that the green cover comes off. It is not as easy as it looks. While the women do this, their hands turn jet black because of  a toxic chemical called juglone present in the husk of the crop. This not only causes staining of the hands but also causes immense skin irritation. Now the crop is brown, round and hard shelled. It still has a residue of its green covers and the chemical juglone. It is finally removed by washing the crop properly, particularly done in streams (running water). After the washing is done, the  walnuts are collected
and left to dry in the open sun. These are kept in the sun for a few days so that the fruit inside the hard shell is also dried and becomes hard to use as a dry fruit. 
The hard shell is finally broken and the walnut kernels are collected for final packaging to be delivered to you only through Kashmir Box.

Where do we use Kashmiri Walnuts?

  • A healthy and delectable treat for the ones with a sweet tooth, a walnut cake can be prepared with flour, olive oil, and the nutritious touch of fresh walnuts.
  • To spruce up lunch and dinner, add the unforgettable flavor of the Kashmiri Walnut chutney as a side dish. This is prepared by crushing walnuts, green chili, and adding yogurt and salt.
  • A Walnut Fudge holds a special place for those who never liked to have coffee without the addition of something more chocolaty. Chopped walnuts over molten chocolate, condensed milk and vanilla made into squares or any shape you like gives the connoisseurs of sweets a treat of a lifetime.
  • Walnut kernels are in so many ways and means used in different bakeries and confectioneries to add unforgettable taste and abundance of health to your favorite tarts, fudges and brownies.  
  • Walnut kernels are crushed to extract walnut oil which has proved to be one of the most beneficial oils for human consumption.
  • Walnut oil is known to be a remedy to treat fungal infections. Athlete's foot and Candida are some of the infections which are known to get treated with the application of walnut oil. Psoriasis is known to be a painful and persistent skin condition that can be eased with the use of walnut oil. Add this oil to your bath or use it topically on your skin to treat this condition.
  • Certain phytonutrients and fatty acids in walnut oil can contribute to enhancing the texture and quality of the skin.

What are the Health Benefits of Kashmiri Walnuts?

Walnuts help improve so many health conditions that one could hardly 'not' include these wondernuts in his everyday diet. Here are some amazing benefits it offers:
  • Kashmiri Walnuts may help lower bad cholesterol.
  • Kashmiri Walnuts may boost brain health(Source).
  • Kashmiri Walnuts aid in weight loss.
  • Kashmiri Walnuts help manage diabetes.
  • Kashmiri Walnuts help improve metabolism.
  • Kashmiri Walnuts have polyphenols which help fight oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Kashmiri Walnuts can increase the health-promoting bacteria and other microbes that are essential to have a healthy gut and overall good health.
  • Some studies suggest that eating Kashmiri Walnuts helps lower blood pressure, including people with high blood pressure and healthy people under stress.
  • The nutrients in Kashmiri Walnuts, including polyunsaturated fat, polyphenols and vitamin E, may help reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in our brain. (Source)
  • Kashmiri Walnuts may reduce the risk of some cancers.
  • Intake of Kashmiri Walnuts help in healthy ageing.
  • Omega-3 present in Kashmiri Walnuts is called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is an essential fat that we need to get from our diet. 

What are the Nutritional Value Of Kashmiri Walnuts?

A 100 Grams of Walnut Serving provides:

  • 654 kcal of energy. 
  • 65% fat. 
  • 15% proteins. 
  • 14% of Carbohydrates.
  • 7% of Dietary fiber.  (Source)

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Nandini Desai

Very good quality, cost effective

Gaurav Choudhary

The product was poor …expected better quality…walnut pieces were very small where was it was mentioned half kernels

Anurag Anu

Koshur Walnut Kernels Snow White Quarter (Milky)

Kanchan Yadav

Koshur Walnut Kernels Snow White Quarter (Milky)


The walnuts are broken and very small pieces. waste of money. I will buy from local shop only even bit more price.