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6 Health Booster Foods from Kashmir You Must Try

What exactly is being healthy? 

When a human body and all its functions; physical or psychological are well-balanced and are in no terms involved in any disorders, dysfunctions or malfunctions is what is good health and therefore, a person is called healthy. Usually people with weak immunities or who really do not sustain the presence of harmful invaders like bacterias and viruses in their bodies finally fall sick; hence diseased. 

A good immune system is all that is required to defend these harmful invaders. With a good immune system, there are meagre chances of getting infected. Varying from person to person, some people are born with a good immune system and some really struggle out their ways of a weak immune system. Depending upon certain lifestyles of people, a good immune system can get weak too. This has a number of reasons; like poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption, certain medication etc.

These days of a global pandemic (Covid-19) are really tough and what it demands is a strong and good immunity. One’s immunity has to be competent enough to fight and overpower the effects of Coronavirus. Demand and intake of other supplements whether natural or unnatural can keep our immune system well boosted to overcome the effects of any infection. 

Health Boosters play a vital role these days and natural health boosters are preferred the most. 

Kashmir gathers the goodness and richness of all natural health boosters from its farms, gardens, mountains, lush fields and trees to encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle and get benefited from them. There are a number of health boosters you can get directly from Kashmir Box and some of them are as follows:

Pure Kashmiri Shilajit

It is a thick, sticky tar-like substance found to have great detoxification and energy producing health benefits. It oozes out of the cracks in Himalayan Mountains and is a great remedy for a number of ailments.

Pure Kashmiri Honey

From the nectaries of Valley’s flowers, Kashmiri White Honey has antioxidant properties, heals wounds, lowers bad cholesterol levels and cures long lasting cough.

Kashmiri Saffron

Handpicked from the Saffron town (Pampore) of Kashmir, Mongra Saffron is the natural coloring and flavouring agent. Known as Kesar, it improves mood and cures depression, reduces the symptoms of PMS, promotes learning and memory retention and is the best remedy for all your skin problems. 

Kashmiri Mountain Garlic

Kashmir Valley brings to you the best quality Mountain Garlic known as “Koshur Rouhun” in local lingo. It is a pure product from the Himalayan region and is the best herb used in all the delicacies and cuisines for a strong flavour and aroma. 

Dry fruit And Saffron Mix

Powdered mix of dry fruits and saffron, this superfood is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre. Boost yourself with rich taste and nutrition.

Koshur Dry Fruit Mix Acacia Honey

To encourage and foster a healthy lifestyle, the best Kashmiri produce is at your doorsteps to boost your cardiovascular health, helps in weight management and weight loss, rich in carbohydrates and calories full of antioxidants. 

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