Most Lips-Smacking Recipes You Can Make With Various Dry Fruits

Most Lips-Smacking Recipes You Can Make With Various Dry Fruits

Relishing good food is something which all agree to love the most. There are endless food preparations that you can make. But, it is essential for all food lovers that the food is absolutely devouring. The following division will talk about dry fruits. Well, the decision will not be about dry fruits. It will be about the numerous preparations you can prepare with each dry fruit. It is guaranteed that each preparation mentioned-below will be equally appetising and wholesome. 


Almonds are the most common and well-known dry fruits. They are high sources of antioxidants, protein, vitamin E, and fibre. Therefore, they offer you good health. And more importantly, you can readily use them to prepare numerous delicious recipes. Also, you can munch on raw almonds soaked in water overnight because they benefit your brain health and function and are a delicious snack item for your day. 

Food Recipe:

  • Sesame honey roasted almonds: You just have to roast the almonds with honey and sesame seeds. Each of the contents in the recipe is equally healthy and delicious. So, the perfect snack to munch on at any time. 
  • Almond butter: Try something new in your breakfasts. Instead of using regular butter or jam on your bread, try almond butter, which is tastier and healthier.
  • Tomato almond dip: Ditch your regular sauces and dips. Prepare something more heavenly, ravishing, and healthy with almonds and tomatoes. 


Walnuts are nutritious dry fruits rich in fats, vitamins, fibre and minerals. They can readily be a magical component in your unique dish preparations. 

Food Recipe:

  • Candied walnuts: Toss some walnuts in caramel sauce, and they will make the sweetest snack you can ever devour!
  • Apple walnut salad: Slice some fresh apples, get the walnuts, chop some spinach and sprinkle some cheese on top of them. The healthiest and tastiest salad will be ready for the day.
  • Walnut cookies: Grind the walnuts and mix them with the cookie dough. Bake them; they will give you the most delicious walnut cookies with numerous health benefits.


Figs are a natural source of sugar, minerals and soluble fibres. You can use them to prepare any sweet dishes, especially desserts. 

Food Recipe:

  • Fig Jam: Try a new flavour of jam for your breakfast. The prime incident being figs will make it sweet and healthy.
  • Fig honey smoothie: Blend freshly chopped figs, honey, milk and a little sugar together. And in a few minutes, you will be slurping on the most delicious smoothie you could ever make. 
  • Honey roasted chicken figs: This is a unique recipe to try. You will have to wrap pieces of figs with chicken slices, brush them with honey and roast them. And it will give you a unique food preparation- honey-roasted chicken figs. 


Apricots are sources of vitamin A, carotenoids and lutein. They benefit your eyes and reduce the risks of cataracts. They can also make excellent food preparations. 

Food Recipe:

  • Apricot strawberry smoothies: Start your day with a blend of strawberries, apricots and milk, giving you a delicious smoothie. 
  • Baked Brie: It is a three-ingredient preparation which needs only minutes to cook but would not need a second to devour. 
  • Apricot crisp: Make the most lip-smacking dessert protein with walnuts, with the recipe for apricot crisp.

Golden Raisins 

Golden raisins are the most consumed dry fruits. You can eat them raw or can be mixed in any food preparation to enhance the taste.

Food Recipe:

  • Fried Rice: One of the most common dishes worldwide is fried rice. And adding golden raisins to them makes their taste a lot better.
  • Any Indian Dessert: Adding golden raisins to every Indian Dessert is a necessity. It uplifts not just their taste but also their nutrient content.
  • Cookies: Putting golden raisin in the cookie dough and then baking them will prepare the perfectly sweet cookies to munch on.


Cranberries, the sweet dry fruits that can improve your health, are incredibly delicious, and help garnish food items. 

Food Recipe:

  • Cranberry jam: The simplest recipe to enhance your breakfasts is making cranberry jams.
  • Cranberry smoothie: Here is another easy cranberry recipe for your busy schedule. Blend cranberries, milk, sugar and a little honey of your preference. And it will give you a thick and healthy sweet cranberry smoothie. 
  • Cranberry orange muffins: Just add the ingredient cranberries into your regular recipe for making orange muffins. 

Final Words

Now, you can prepare innumerable dishes with numerous different dry fruits. The most beneficial point is that you can enjoy heavenly and delicious food items without worrying about your health; instead, they will only boost and benefit every part of your body from the inside out.

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