• The Symbolic Meaning of Colors

    The Symbolic Meaning of Colors

    Colors are the essence of life. Colors are the imbued with great symbolic power. We all have favorite colors and it surely speaks a lot about who we are and what we like. Color conveys meanings in two primary ways - natural associations and psychological symbolism. The truth of the matter is that people are comfortable when colors remind them of similar things. For...
  • Shivratri Rituals In Kashmir

    In Kashmir, Herath is celebrated with the grand ritual of Vatuka Pooza which means worshiping Shiva. In the pooza, there are three acts playing concurrently. Act one is the re-enactment of the marriage ceremony of Shiva and Parvati. Act two enacts the return of Parvati to her parents’ home. Act three is an attempt to identify oneself which is represented by a large nott filled...
  • 10 Exquisite Decor Ideas for Christmas

    10 Exquisite Decor Ideas for Christmas

    Amidst the carols and the midnight mass, the faith, and the excitement, one's merriment is actually incomplete until the home reflects it in its warming colors! And perhaps that is why when it comes to Christmas, the very first things which we chalk out in our mind are the little details of our home, our Christmas Tree, our advent wreaths and more. Perhaps our...
  • Autumn Essentials - The Kashmiri Way

    Autumn Essentials - The Kashmiri Way

    Crisp air, fluttering leaves, fiery hues and layers of scarves – autumn in Kashmir comes in an essence of brazen charm that no nature lover can possibly ignore. It begins with the Chinar leaves slowly changing their tone to a faint yellow and then a fiery orange. A cool breeze begins to lift from the waters of the Jhelum and fills the mornings and...
  • Eid Ul Zuha - Tradition and Celebrations

    Eid Ul Zuha - Tradition and Celebrations

    With the third largest Muslim Population after Indonesia and Pakistan, India celebrates Muslim festivals with full enthusiasm. Eid ul Zuha or Bakr Eid is one such festival and one of the two Eid festivals celebrated by Muslims all over the world.
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