10 Exquisite Decor Ideas for Christmas

10 Exquisite Decor Ideas for Christmas

The Holiday season brings with it plentiful reasons to celebrate. Beginning from Thanksgiving, though the shopping rituals of Black Friday and the celebrations of the birth of Jesus, the main highlight of the entire month of December is the festival of Christmas. Amidst the carols and the midnight mass, the faith and the excitement, one's merriment is actually incomplete until the home reflects it in its warming colors! And perhaps that is why when it comes to Christmas, the very first things which we chalk out in our mind are the little details of our home, our Christmas Tree, our advent wreaths and more. Perhaps our happiness, celebrations and everything jovial actually begins in the very place which we call home!

This Christmas, we’ve curated some exquisite home decor ideas with masterpieces gathered all the way from the snow clad depths of the Himalayas, the valley where Christmas decorations are marked by the heart- warming tones of Paper Mache along with the wishful presence of Santa!

Here are 10 exquisite decor ideas for your home to emanate the happiness of Christmas:

1. The Cooing Bird Wall Plate Handcrafted in the classical art form of Paper Mache, the wall plate breathes a new life onto those barren walls and sets your home to an eye pleasing tone!

2. The Blue Plump Santa Dashing through the snow comes a high spirited Santa Claus, his aura merry and his charm handcrafted to capture the home in a playful beauty. The symbolic Santa has been handmade by Kashmiri Paper Mache artists who make it out of remnants of waste paper, transforming it into a piece of luxury to be cherished. Bring home the magic of Santa Claus all the way from Kashmir and spread a glorious mirth throughout your home.

3. The Xmas Tree Balls The most exciting part about Christmas is getting your Xmas tree right! And colorful ball hangings are an easy and eclectic way to make it look all ornate and beautiful.

4. Jingle Bells We’ve all heard that phase and sung that hymn. Now is the time to bring it to life with rainbow-colored Bell hangings specially crafted for the Christmas Tree!

5. The Gift Basket We’ve always imagined Santa’s gift baskets but rather differently. Now is the time to store those precious gifts in a handmade Paper Mache one and place it right next to the Christmas Tree!

6. Candle Lit Candles are plentiful. It’s time to add more color to them with stands which complement their being! Place them around your special tree or on the shelves craving attention. Let your home be illuminated with a splash of colors.
7. The Picture Frame Christmas is the perfect time to make memories and then to cherish them for a lifetime. For those special moments to remain in place, the Paper Mache picture frames make a perfect addition to your home!

8. The Archangels There’s something angelic about the festival which every craftsperson feels. And hence are handcrafted the symbolic angels in the form of bell hangings for the Christmas Tree or the ceiling!

9. The Magic Bowl The magic bowl – the one which you use to decorate and serve is craftily made in the realms of Walnut wood to make a perfect accent for your home as you make the final arrangements for the festival of joy!

10. A Shower of Stars Lastly, we all love our Christmas Trees, so we won’t leave any stone unturned in ornating it with whatever we can. Giving it the last twinkle is a set of star shaped hangings in diverse colors. And now that the home reflects the true essence and colors of Christmas, the joy of the festival is more than doubled!

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