• Mango Saffron Smoothie

    Mango Saffron Smoothie

    Summers are just a great excuse to indulge in the sweetness of the exotic drinks that are our heat beaters!! The sweetness and the refreshing taste hits at every nook of our brain and relax us with a charm of its own. I just love summers, the colors of life in full bloom and yes! The treats in store are too yummy and irresistible.
  • Kashmir Morel Mushroom Pulao

    Kashmir Morel Mushroom Pulao

    The morel mushrooms are a wild variety of mushrooms rich in taste and quite flavorsome.Locally Morel Mushrooms are known as Gucci and Kanginch and are prepared in a variety of ways. Two popular dishes with Gucci are gucch yakhni and gucch pulao. This specie of mushroom is rare and wild and is not easily available. An interesting fact about morel mushrooms is that it...
  • Harissa-the winter delicacy of Kashmir!

    Harissa-the winter delicacy of Kashmir!

    One of the favorite breakfasts of winter Kashmir is the sizzling hot harissa! People welcome the winters with this traditionally prepared delicacy. It is generally eaten at breakfast to ensure body warmth during the cold day and is eaten occasionally and not daily as perceived by some, not that we won’t love to eat it daily ;) Harissa is a mutton preparation, tempered with...
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