• Heavenly Variants of a Kashmiri Kehwa

    Heavenly Variants of a Kashmiri Kehwa

    For those who have never tasted it, the Kahwa is a Kashmiri version of green tea with a subtly sweet and aromatic flavor, infused with delicate whole spices. This magical concoction of a drink is brewed by natural ingredients like cinnamon, green cardamom, green tea and cloves, with the added goodness of Kashmiri almonds. The heavenly drink has a light green hue, which turns...
  • Nun Chai Recipe

    Nun Chai Recipe

    Native to Kashmir, Nun Chai is the most popular drink on this heaven of earth after the shahi kehwa. Famous for its salty taste, the nun or noon (salt) chai is famous as the Pink Tea owning to its beautiful color. Prepared from health beneficial green tea leaves, in a unique way, the taste is distinctly salty and yummy.
  • Dry Fruits Milkshake Recipe

    Dry Fruits Milkshake Recipe

    Enjoy the richness and delightful taste of this yummy creamy delight loaded with health as well as taste! Beat the summer heat with this glassful of health.
  • Kashmiri Razma Gogji

    Kashmiri Razma Gogji

    Indulge in this tasty delight from Kashmir. The famous Razma Gogji (Red Kidney Beans with Turnip) is a flavorsome recipe of Kashmir, loved by everybody. An easy recipe infused with the magical Vaer of Kashmir!
  • Over a Cup of Noon Chai

    Over a Cup of Noon Chai

    A typical breakfast in Kashmiri homes is incomplete without a pinkish flavoury and steaming cup of Noon Chai. The Noon Chai (Noon = Salt and Chai = Tea), also known as Kashmiri Pink Tea or Sheer Chai is a traditional beverage which all Kashmiri people love and relish since times immemorial. In the long list of chai varietals, this one is robust, flavorsome and...
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