• Special Hands

    Special Hands

    “My name is Tariq Ahmed and I with my family live in this village from my childhood. It is me who started this group “Special Hands” and a group of artisans work in it. My group is called special hands for two reason. The primary reason is that we are specially abled, and we aren’t normal”!
  • The Genius of Ghulam Nabi Dar

    The Genius of Ghulam Nabi Dar

    I observe him working on a box, the elaborate detailing of which leaves me totally awestruck. He captures even the tiniest veins of a leaf with a whole multitude of tools which he sifts through to find the best fit. Chunks of walnut wood come off as he strikes the box, digging out the famous undercut.H e carefully brushes them away, his face focused...
  • Farooq Ahmad Sofi - Weaving The Fabric of Life

    Farooq Ahmad Sofi - Weaving The Fabric of Life

    Farooq Ahmad Sofi is a Pashmina Handloom Weaver, resident of downtown Srinagar, a kind and soft natured man, in his late fifties, gray hair reflecting his life in times and age. He and artisans like him are the real hands behind the exquisitely soft Pashmina Shawls and Stoles. His work process starts from when hand spun or machine spun pashm threads are handed over...
  • Creating a world of their own - AMMA

    Ali Mohammad & Mushtaq Ahmad is jubilant. Last month their brand AMMA had launched in South Korea. The response has been overwhelming. Having got a fresh order of 100+ products, they have successfully made it in Korea. It was a happy moment, a sweet moment of success for both AMMA as well as for us. Once we broke the news to Ali Mohammad Sahab,...
  • Arifa Jan - Resurrecting Kashmiri Namda

    Arifa Jan - Resurrecting Kashmiri Namda

    This is Arifa Jan, a young woman who is passionate about reviving the dying art of making Kashmir Namdas. When she graduated from the Craft Development Institute she knew what she had to do. She was determined to bring back to life, the beautiful felt rug making of Kashmir. And she has successfully done that!
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