10 Tips To Wear Sarees Most Fashionably in 2023

10 Tips To Wear Sarees Most Fashionably in 2023

Sarees are our tradition, but the fashion world is bringing twists with every culture and traditional wear. So why don't we style our sarees most fashionably?
Here are ten tips that will help you steal the spotlight in the most traditional yet trendy attire, wherever you go.

Play with Lightweight Fabrics

When it comes to styling sarees in the summer heat, choosing the right fabric is crucial. Lightweight fabrics can be the following-
  • Cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Georgette
These fabrics are perfect choices as they allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool. You can choose the lightweight saree in the collection: Lemon Yellow Flowery Vine Aari Georgette Saree, which has a lovely color combination as well. 

Go for Vibrant Colors and Prints

Summer is all about vibrant colors and cheerful prints, so why not incorporate them into your saree styling? The bright hues that you can go for include
  • Yellow when you want to exude a happy energy
  • Orange suits the time of sunsets
  • Pink, for special occasions or picnic dates
  • Turquoise to embrace the summer vibe.
Floral prints, tropical motifs, and abstract patterns are also great options for a fresh and lively look. These colors and prints not only lift your mood but also reflect the essence of the season. Check out an exclusive collection of vibrant colors and printed sarees at Kashmir Box.

Go for the Pant Style Draping

This trendy draping style involves wearing a saree with pants instead of a traditional petticoat. It offers a modern and fusion look, perfect for occasions where you want to make a bold fashion statement. The saree is draped around the waist, and the pleats are created at the front. The pallu is then draped over the shoulder, giving it a chic and contemporary twist.

Opt for Belted Draping

Adding a belt to your saree is a fashionable way to accentuate your waistline and add structure to the drape. There are different types of belts you can choose according to your mood and occasion.
  • You can use a thin belts when you want to keep it subtle and simple
  •  Wide belts are for some extra support or for going bold
  • Chained belts that add some further uniqueness to your look. 
The belt adds an element of sophistication and helps create a more defined silhouette.

Embrace the Butterfly Draping style

The butterfly draping style is a variation of the traditional Nivi drape. In this style, the pleats are created and pinned on both shoulders, resembling butterfly wings. The pallu is then brought forward and draped over the shoulder. 

Trying Chiffon Sarees 

Chiffon sarees are perfect for those looking for a blend of elegance and comfort. Made from lightweight and sheer fabric, chiffon sarees offer a graceful and flowy drape. Occasions ideally suitable for styling a Chiffon saree includes:
  • Evening parties
  • Cocktail events
  • Weddings 
Chiffon sarees are available at Kashmir Box in a wide range of colors and prints, making them versatile and easy to style.

Style the Floral Prints

Floral prints are timeless and versatile, making them a perfect choice to add uniqueness to your saree collection. Whether it's delicate and intricate floral patterns or bold and vibrant blooms, floral-printed sarees bring a touch of femininity and charm to your ensemble. The sarees at Kashmir Box can offer you the perfect floral vibes with the best color. 

Be Unique with the Abstract Prints

Abstract prints offer a contemporary and artistic vibe to your saree collection. With their unconventional and imaginative designs, they bring a unique and modern touch to your attire.  

Try Something Different with the Tribal Prints

Tribal prints are inspired by the rich cultural heritage of indigenous communities. The key features of these prints include
  • Bold and vibrant motifs embrace the tribal essence
  •  Geometric patterns that compliment the motifs
  • Earthy tones, creating a sense of ethnic allure.  

Tip for the 3 must-own fabrics of sarees-

Here are the three must-have fabrics for sarees. 
  1. Silk:
Silk sarees are a timeless classic and a must-have in every saree collection. Known for their elegance and richness, silk sarees are crafted from fine silk threads, making them luxurious and exquisite. The beautiful Silk Saree from Kashmir Box is a wonderful example.
  1. Cotton: 
Cotton sarees are a staple in every woman's wardrobe, especially during the hot summer months. They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, making them ideal for daily wear. Cotton sarees come in a wide range of designs, from traditional handloom sarees like Chanderi and Tant to contemporary printed cotton sarees. 
  1. Georgette:
Georgette sarees are the perfect fabrics for any event or occasion. Styling it with the different and unique draping patterns or adding the right accessories, such as belts, can ultimately offer an incompatibly gorgeous look. The heavenly Embroidered Georgette Saree can be your perfect add to your closet from Kashmir Box. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, styling sarees in the summer heat can be both comfortable and fashionable by opting for lightweight fabrics, incorporating vibrant colors and prints, and experimenting with trendy draping styles. Additionally, owning silk, cotton, and chiffon sarees, as well as sarees with floral, abstract, and tribal prints, can bring uniqueness and versatility to your saree collection. Embrace the beauty of traditional attire while staying cool and stylish during the summer months.
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