Meet Farah Tanki, the beautiful cake baker from Kashmir. Young and energetic she has turned her hobby into a successful business venture. Though this is not something new, but she is Farah Tanki indeed the first female commercial baker in Kashmir. She introduced fondant cake making in Kashmir and brought eye pleasing sumptuous novelty cakes to our homes. Alumni of Presentation Convent High School, she went for Bachelors in Home Science from Women’s College Srinagar and did her Masters in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition from the University of Kashmir. I was not interested in following the traditional line of going into a medical or an engineering school. I wanted to do something different, something I was passionate about. I started baking cakes when I was 19. After I finished my Masters I started baking cakes for friends and family. I always got a positive feedback from them which encouraged me further. Word of mouth is very powerful and in a very less time I received requests of cakes from outside of my family and friends. It finally struck me how I can turn my passion into an earning venture. We live in a digital age which is driving business at fingertips. I started my business page, Sweet Mixc Up by Farah Tanki on Instagram. Posting pictures of my baked cakes got me a lot of orders and my customer base grew. I started getting more orders and since then have been baking cakes in all shapes and flavors. I take custom orders as well, making picture cakes for birthdays as well as other occasions. I remember the positive response I got for the cake I had baked for the 81st Anniversary of Indian Air Force, Srinagar Base. They were all praise for my cake. I was further encouraged by the Young Female Entrepreneur Award that I received at Rabita in Kashmir University in 2014. You get pushed ahead; it is like a push in the right direction when people appreciate your work. I want to tell everyone that the world is not just confined to being a doctor, an engineer or going after a government job. Your world is what you make of it. Think out of the box, give wings to your dreams and see them soar high in the sky. Be passionate about what you do, and do what you are passionate about, that is all there is to success.