• Farah Tanki - Women Entrepreneur of Kashmir

    Farah Tanki - Women Entrepreneur of Kashmir

    Meet Farah Tanki, the beautiful cake baker from Kashmir. Young and energetic she has turned her hobby into a successful business venture. Though this is not something new, but she is indeed the first female commercial baker in Kashmir. She introduced fondant cake making in Kashmir and brought eye pleasing sumptuous novelty cakes to our homes.
  • The Women of Shehjar - Empowering themselves and Each Other

    “The fabric over which we embroider is hand woven by womenfolk in Jharkhand who then pass it on to us. I embroider it in traditional Kashmiri Embroideries like Aari, Sozni or even moti work. This not only benefits me, but also the women who are weaving this underlying fabric meticulously. The bar of boundaries is erased.", says Sabiha. Today, Shehjar employs approximately 50 skilled...
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