Dry Fruits to Eat During Different Seasons of the Year

Dry Fruits to Eat During Different Seasons of the Year

Dry fruits are a truckload of essential nutrients, vitamins and fibre that poses blessings to your body and health. And at the same time, they are equally delicious to munch on. Additionally, you can also prepare innumerable delicacies with different dry fruits. Every season has its own signature dry fruits that one must try. Well, the following discussion will let you know the best dry fruits to have during different times of the year. 

Summers: Dry Fruits for Warm Weather

There are numerous dry fruits that are a must-have during the summer season. The first and the most delicious among all are the figs. Figs are the best dry fruits which are loaded with health benefits and are the signature dry fruits for the summer. Also, if you are looking forward to losing some weight during the summer, figs can be your ideal source of assistance with the least effort. 
The other dry fruit to have during the summer is the raisins. Raisins are the best dry fruits to add to any dessert or delicacies you want, and they will take the deliciousness that pertains to the next level. Additionally, it has numerous health benefits as they are a house of potassium and fibre content, which is highly beneficial for your body. 
Apricots are the other signature dry fruit for the summer. Dried apricots are great sources of fibre, vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium and calcium. It gives your skin an impeccable glow, and the juice can also help treat sunburns. 
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Monsoon: Dry Fruits for Rainy Weather

Now, let us know what the best dry fruits to have during the season of heavy pours are. Well, you have a number of options here as well. The first one is the walnuts. Your body needs energy and antioxidants, and walnuts become a great source of both during the monsoon. They are also rich in fibre that helps your digestive processes, thereby keeping your body completely healthy. 
The next dry fruit that is a must in the monsoons is almonds. Almonds are one of the most common and healthiest dry fruits that you can have. They are also beneficial for your cognitive functions and the working of your brain. Therefore, almonds offer you an overall benefit for your entire body and mental processes. 
In fact, it is recommended to fill your diet with considerable amounts of almonds and walnuts during the monsoons. It offers your body all the various nutrients and fibres that it needs. 

Winters: Dry Fruits for Cold Weather

Winter is all about dried fruits. You relish in different delicacies and desserts like fruit cakes that are always filled with dry fruits. So, the options of the best dry fruits during the winter require many in number. Like, you can choose among walnuts, almonds, raisins and apricots. All of them are rich in various nutrients, antioxidants and fibres that are necessary for your body. Additionally, they are also great components or ingredients for numerous tasty recipes. 
Walnuts are useful for bad cholesterol and taking your gut health optimum with good bacteria. It also helps in reducing the risks of cardiac illnesses. Almonds are great for your bone health, and raisins are a great source of fibre. Lastly, apricots are highly concentrated with vitamins and minerals like vitamins E and A that are beneficial for improving your eye health. 
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Final words 

Now that you know which are the best seasonal dry fruits, fill your bowl and your body with the healthiest and tastiest dry fruits every season!
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