Towards a Healthy Spring - 8 Superfoods To Relish

Towards a Healthy Spring - 8 Superfoods To Relish

Like the earth that rejuvenates at the onset of spring, let your body nourish itself too.

The winter has gone by and with all those layers you’ve put on lazing around indoors, enjoying the crisp breeze of the spring becomes more of a burden. The breathtaking transition season is one where everything including nature rejuvenates itself. Hence, it is considered the best time to freshen up your mind, soul and body with foods which are both fresh and healthy, both nutritious and soulful.

Spring in Kashmir is characterized by a pleasant breeze,blossoms and scents of tulip and almond flowers. The earth erupts in kaleidoscopic colors and so do its people. Among the multitude of changes, the season brings is a shift in the food preferences of people. Fresh fruits, green teas and healthy concoctions replace heavy drinks and dried vegetables –therefore representing birth, creativity and a burst of energy.

Below are the super foods you need to consume to glissade through the season in good spirit.

  1. Kehwa

Good For: Relieving Stress, Weight Loss

When the milk teas weigh you down, treat yourself to a cuppa Kashmiri Kehwa.The green tea, known for its soulful flavors will take you into a wonderful trance, relieving your body of those extra calories and everyday stress.


Good For: Energy, Weight Loss

Kashmiri pulses, especially Rajma are known for their distinct flavors, energizing nutrients and weight loss properties. The lentils are rich in protein and nourish your body with all it needs to shed the extra calories.


Good For: Depression, Stress Relief,Vitality

Saffron blossoms towards the end of November. With the fresh crop making its way into spring markets, add a pinch of the golden herb to your everyday meals or your cup of milk and feel your mood lift just like the spring breeze. (That too in a jiffy)

  1. Honey – Of Any Possible Form

Good For: Building Immunity

A jar of raw, white or acacia honey added to your breakfast makes a guilt free indulgence and build the immunity to get you going through the season of pleasant showers and calming sceneries.

Liquorice Root

Good For: Sore throat, flu

The new season brings along the risk of sore throat and exposure. Treat it to a hint of Liquorice root added to your daily cuppa tea and glide through it in good spirit.

 Salt up with Rock Salt

Good For: Blood Pressure

Say no to iodized salts with a pinch of rock salt added to your everyday. The rock salt has 84+ vital nutrients which regulate blood pressure and boost immunity. Besides, that prettily pink color!


Good For: Reducing Body Heat

A healthy replacement for Thandai is Babribyeol (a cool drink made from basil seeds) which freshen up the senses like nothing else possibly could.


Good For: Blood Pressure, Reduce Body Heat

Nothing brings more relief and coolness to the body than the Kateera, Tragacanth gum added to a glass of water. The drink makes a perfect accompaniment to the season of spring.


We are rephrasing it – A walnut a day keeps the doctor away. It maintains excellent heart health and helps you maintain an excellent stamina while you jog around in the morning.

Now that you know what makes you flourish, make a head start towards a healthy spring!

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