Health Benefits of Kashmiri Almonds

Health Benefits of Kashmiri Almonds

Almonds are your wonder nuts. Not only for your general health but they are a magic potion for your skin and hair as well.

Almonds are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, and are associated with a number of health benefits. Being a source of vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and high quality protein, just a handful of almonds, contains one-eighth of our necessary daily protein.

Health Benefits:

1. Lowers Your Cholesterol:¬†Almonds are a good resource of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which facilitate to lower bad cholesterol in your body and intake of almonds on regular basis helps, raise the ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ cholesterol levels.

2. Protects Against Diabetes: Studies demonstrate that almonds have the ability to decrease the after-meal escalation in blood sugar and hence they assist in stabilizing blood sugar levels and offer a protection from diabetes.

3. Almonds are energy food: Almonds are rich in manganese, riboflavin, and copper, all of which aid in energy manufacturing, that is why energy giving food bars are always stuffed with almonds.

4. Improves Your Brainpower: Scientific readings show that almonds contain the nutrients that help in the growth of the brain function. Having five water soaked almonds first thing in the morning every day will maximize your brain strength.

5. Strengthens your Bones And Teeth: Almonds are a good source of micro nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, which avert osteoporosis and strengthen the bones and teeth.

6. Treatment for Anemia: Anemia is caused due to less quantities of oxygen carried by red blood cells. Almonds include copper, iron, and vitamins which work as a catalyst in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Therefore, it is used as a therapy for anemia.


7. Healthy Skin: Almond oil is a brilliant moisturizer and works to prevent acne, blackheads, as well as arid and prickly skin.

8. Sun Protection: Almonds contain abundant Vitamin E which protects your skin from sun exposure and minimizes the skin damage.

9. Glowing Skin: Almonds rich in vitamin E, help in retaining the same in your body to maintain healthy skin and bring about a natural glow.

10. Reduces Dark Circles: Almonds help in reducing dark circles and puffiness in your eyes.

11. Cleans Skin: Almonds cleanse your skin from within. Use almonds as an exfoliating scrub to purify your skin and nourish it at the same time.


12. Strengthens and nourishes your hair: Almonds are rich in nutrients like polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids as well as vitamin A, D, B1, B2 and B6 which make the hair healthy and beautiful.

13. Promotes hair growth: Almond contains high amount of magnesium, deficiency of which is often linked to hair loss, thus eating almonds also promotes your hair growth.

14. Treatment for dandruff: regular consumption of almonds treats your dandruff from inside. Using almond oil for scalp massage is a proven remedy for dandruff.

15. Reduces hair fall effectively: Including almonds as a part of your regular diet strengthens your hair strands reducing excessive hair fall.

So much goodness packed in a seed (yes! almonds are mistaken for nuts when they are the seeds of the fruits of an almond tree).Grab your packet of 'best in kind', sweet Kashmir Almonds dropped at your home and relish their benefits on a regular basis.

Happy Munching !!

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