5 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

5 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Come New Year and we start making huge resolutions, imagining the ideal scenarios of our lives and wishing to live by them. However, there is one major thing we tend to ignore each year - our precious body, not realizing that when health is lost, everything is lost.

This year, we have pledged to make healthy resolutions and to live by them. Be it to improve the memory or to go heart healthy, to keep diabetes in control to simply to build immunity - our 5 golden health tips cover each and every aspect of an impeccably healthy lifestyle and ensure you take care of your precious self.

Let’s roll!

RESOLUTION 1: Say No To Stress

The previous year cascaded a lot of stress in your life. Now is the time to let go of the negativities and bring down the cortisol (stress hormone) in your body with a natural anti-depressant which is non-addictive, flavorsome and safe to consume – The Kashmiri Saffron. A pinch of the golden strand added in your morning tea or daily meals can greatly relieve your body and mind of stress, uplift your mood and cure initial stages of depression without having to go for chemical drugs.

How to Use

  1. Add a pinch ofSaffronto a glass of milk or green tea and consume at breakfast.
  2. Add a pinch to your regular meals and consume at lunch and dinner.

Health Benefits of Saffron

  1. Destresses your body.
  2. Promotes learning and memory retention.
  3. Protects against cancer.
  4. Removes Patchy Baldness.

RESOLUTION 2: Never Grow Old

A new year is not all excitement. For some, it also brings along worrisome signs of ageing. However, we have pledged to fight these signs with Pure Shilajit gathered all the way from the Himalayas. One of the most potent rejuvenating anti-aging blockbuster that mankind has ever known, the herb is also called Amrita or Elixir of life and is attributed to having magical properties when it comes to overall healthcare.


How to Use:

Dissolve a pinch in hot, non-chlorinated water, tea or warm milk and drink.


Consume one to three times a day for general well being.

Miracle Health Benefits of Shilajit

  1. A Natural Stress Buster
  2. A Treatment for Reproductive Infertility
  3. Improves Vitality
  4. Improves Memory Power

RESOLUTION 3: Go Heart Healthy

Your heart is perhaps the most precious part of your body and it is quintessential that you ensure its health. This year, make a firm resolve to keep those cholesterol levels low and guard your precious by cutting out those fried snacks and replacing them with natural dry fruits instead.

How to Consume:

  1. Eat 7almondsa day to reduce cholesterol.
  2. Walnutstop the list of heart healthy foods, helping to clear arterial blocks.
  3. Sweetdried apricotslower blood pressure and regulate heartbeat.

When to Eat

A combination of the 3 heart healthy dry fruits is best when had between meals, as a substitute for unhealthy snacks.

RESOLUTION 4: Burn the Calories

Every year you make this resolve and yet you always give up. Now is the time to shed those extra calories with a cup of Kashmiri Kahwa added to your breakfast. The caffeine-free green tea is known to relieve stress with its soulful taste and aroma, while boosting your immunity and taking care of your overall health.

When to Consume:

For best results, consume on an empty stomach.

Health Benefits of Kehwa:

  1. Burns Fat
  2. Builds Immunity
  3. Eliminates Stress
  4. An Excellent Remedy for Cold.

    RESOLUTION 5: Kill The Diabetes

    Diabetes - It tires you, it bothers you and drains your body of all energy. The New Year is the best time to keep the diabetes in control with Himalayan Rock salt added to your everyday. The rich salt contains 84+ vital minerals to keep your body in good shape.

    How to Consume

    Powder it and use it as a substitute for regular table salt.

    Health Benefits of Rock Salt

    • Controlling the water levels within the body, regulating them for proper functioning
    • Encouraging excellent blood sugar health
    • Aiding in reducing the common signs of aging
    • Aiding vascular health
    And now that we are sorted with our New Year resolutions, let’s put them into practice!
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