• Cucumber Raita

    Cucumber Raita

    A cooling yogurt dish to beat the summer heat this Ramadan! Enjoy an easy and quick recipe which can be made by anyone, and can be had with any meal or even as a snack. Ideal for hot summer days it can be stored in the refrigerator and pulled out whenever someone comes in complaining or being tired, hot, and hungry. This Raita goes...
  • Muji Chetin

    Muji Chetin

    The favorite Kashmiri Chutney which goes amazingly well with most dishes, snacks, and almost everything! Best craved with tea time pakodas and Kashmir nadur monji (lotus stem snack), this chutney will add some taste to your lunch and dinner sprees.
  • Eid Food Preparations in Kashmir

    Eid Food Preparations in Kashmir

    Muslims around the world will soon be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr, the Feast of breaking the Fast, in sha Allah. Eid in Arabic means ‘festivity’ and Fitr means ‘breaking the fast’ , also known in the Asian Subcontinent as Chotti Eid, it brings to an end the month long fasting of Ramadan. Everyone is excited about the sighting of the new moon, the chand raat, with...
  • A Platter of Hokh Syun - 7 Kashmiri Dried Foods To Taste

    A Platter of Hokh Syun - 7 Kashmiri Dried Foods To Taste

    The Valley of Kashmir is known for its harsh and gelid winters and it often happens that the valley is cut off from the rest of the world when it snows. In order to sustain the difficulties associated with this beautiful, yet tough season, the people of Kashmir sun-dry their vegetables during peak summers and store them for use during times when the valley...
  • Wazwan- In Love With Royal Cuisine

    Wazwan- In Love With Royal Cuisine

    The first thought of Kashmir that comes to mind- snow covered mountains, mesmerizing beauty, hospitality & of course food! Kashmir's cuisine would feel barren & incomplete without mentioning wazwan. Yes! WAZWAAN – valley’s traditional culinary practices and cultural identity. A perfect example of exemplary Kashmiri hospitality.
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