• Cucumber Raita

    Cucumber Raita

    A cooling yogurt dish to beat the summer heat this Ramadan! Enjoy an easy and quick recipe which can be made by anyone, and can be had with any meal or even as a snack. Ideal for hot summer days it can be stored in the refrigerator and pulled out whenever someone comes in complaining or being tired, hot, and hungry. This Raita goes...
  • Muji Chetin

    Muji Chetin

    The favorite Kashmiri Chutney which goes amazingly well with most dishes, snacks, and almost everything! Best craved with tea time pakodas and Kashmir nadur monji (lotus stem snack), this chutney will add some taste to your lunch and dinner sprees.
  • Chouk Wangan

    Chouk Wangan

    Chouk Wangan is a sour brinjal preparation, where the brinjals are cut in lengthwise splits and then prepared in various spices and tamarind water. A mouthwatering recipe relished by everyone alike; ideal with chapatti and served with rice as well.
  • Al Hach (Dried Bottle Gourd)

    Al Hach (Dried Bottle Gourd)

    Kashmir due to its extreme winter conditions has seen the tradition of drying fruits and vegetables since forever. The sun dried and dehydrated vegetables are the winter delicacies of Kashmir cuisine, relished by all. Almost all vegetables are dried in their season to be consumed in the long harsh winters later. Tomatoes (Run’wagan Hac’h), bottle gourd (Al Hac’h), aborigine (Wan’gan Hac’h) are some of...
  • Kashmiri Razma Gogji

    Kashmiri Razma Gogji

    Indulge in this tasty delight from Kashmir. The famous Razma Gogji (Red Kidney Beans with Turnip) is a flavorsome recipe of Kashmir, loved by everybody. An easy recipe infused with the magical Vaer of Kashmir!
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