Muji Chetin


The favorite Kashmiri Chutney which goes amazingly well with most dishes, snacks, and almost everything! Best craved with tea time pakodas and Kashmir nadur monji (lotus stem snack), this chutney will add some taste to your lunch and dinner sprees.

An easy recipe to enjoy with friends and family!

Serving size: 3-4 people

Ingredients:2 sticks of white radish (safed muj)Salt to taste,½ teaspoon zeera/cumin/zeur,A pinch of red chili powder,2 whole green chili,2 cups of yogurt/zamutdud,

Method:1. Grate radish/muji in food processor or hand grater.2. Squeeze the water out of it to remove the bitterness.3. Beat yogurt in a bowl.4. Add grated radish.5. Mix well.6. Add chili powder, zeera and chopped green chili.7. You may not add red chili powder, if you like muji chetini white colored.8. Garnish it with coriander leaves, to add a little color.9. Add a dash of salt.10. Eat with rice or bread.

Call it mooli ki chutney, muji choet, muji chetin or radish dip, it tastes delightful and beats all others in prep time, flavor and taste!


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