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Floral Carved Walnut Wood Small Precious Jewelry Box

₹ 49,000 ₹ 44,100



  • Material :Walnut Wood
  • Dimensions :9 inch x 6 inch x 5 inch
  • Utility :Jewelry Box
  • Engraving :Shallow Undercut
  • Type :Hand Made
  • KBCODE: KB4547
  • Time To Make : 30+ Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Gulam Nabi Dar
To safely store those precious keeps in jewelry which you spend a fortune on, we have an equally charming box which matches the sophistication of your jewelry due to the elaborate detailing that it manifests. Small though it is, but this box proudly sits on a stand flaunting its detailed floral engravings which are unmatched in the modern era, when artisans are fleeing away from the crafts. The profound engraving opens upto a compartment, a resting place for those precious pieces. This beauty of a jewelry box has a shallow undercut, meaning that the engravings rise upto a few inches from the base of the box. The exqusitely hand crafted storage space displays a plethora of flowers, which takes a Naqash more than a month to carve out.
Ghulam Nabi Dar is a 63 year old master craftsman who strives to revive the lost craftsmanship of the valley by carving out unmatched beauties in walnut wood which take him up to six months to complete. He, along with his group of artisans believes in restoring the glory of walnut wood artistry to what it was 50 years ago. The artisan specializes in undercuts (Khokurdar), Jalidar, Deep carving (vobreivith) and shallow carving (sadikaem) - practices which have more or less been abandoned by Kashmiri artisans in the modern era.
Kashmir is the only region in India bestowed with the presence of the majestic Walnut Trees, the most intriguing dimension of which is the beautiful carving it hosts. Wood carving reached Kashmir from Central Asia some 600 years ago when a Muslim Saint Shah-e-Hamdaan migrated to the Valley. Walnut wood in natural as well as in carved form has been used for making elegant furniture and home décor through a laborious process since its inception