• The Burglar And The Mason

    The Burglar And The Mason

    Unfortunately, like anyone of us, he could not live upto his own principles. The mason started losing all clients and soon his clientele dropped. There came a time when he confronted phases of starvation. He wouldn’t care about his own deprivations but the condition of his family, his wailing wife, his frail children were not bearable now. Despairing, helpless because of the crisis, one...
  • The Love Story of Heemal and Nagrai

    The Love Story of Heemal and Nagrai

    En route to the famous Pir Ki Gali in the Valley of Kashmir, lies the Nagrai Park. Anybody who has lived in Kashmir would be reminded of another era, when grandmothers would narrate the famous love ballad of Princess Heemal with the handsome king of serpents, Nagrai. The park is holds nothing special expect for the spring which bears witness to the sacrosanct bond...
  • The Precious Present

    On the inside of the palanquin, a finely woven blanket was spread, covered with a piece of silk that nobody could have afforded that time. In the presence of a large and august gathering, they placed the coin inside the palanquin and drew curtains as if to bid farewell to a newly wed bride.
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