The Timeless Trousseau for The Timeless Bride

The Timeless Trousseau for The Timeless Bride

Your wedding day is perhaps one of the most memorable and special days of your life. You spend months, if not years planning it, trying to make every moment and every second of it perfect. The excitement, the nervousness and the emotions surrounding the big fat Indian wedding cannot be put into words.

As a bride, you enthusiastically start shopping for your big day. You never thought the act of “shopping” could have so much emotion attached to it. You start hunting for the most beautiful and perfect dresses for each and every ceremony of your wedding – be it the Haldi, the Sangeet, The Mehandi, or the Big Day itself.

Amidst all the excitement and thrill that surrounds a typical wedding, most brides find themselves in a dilemma of what to buy and what not to buy, what is perfect and what isn’t. And it is during this dilemma that our beautiful brides get carried away by fads rather than what is timeless. What’s ironic about a fad is that it has a very short life. So all the emotions attached to your dresses and they are going to go out of fashion? Not Fair!

So we at Kashmir Box thought of introducing The Tilla Embroidery to our special brides – a timeless trend that has been adorning the gorgeous brides of Kashmir since times immemorial.

Done using a gold or a silver thread on needlepoint, Tilla embroidered dresses make exquisite, epoch pieces of silver or golden hues and mark their presence, not only during the wedding but beyond it, in the memories of those who set their eyes on them. 

It is said that the art of Tilla Dozi has its origin in a village named “Zari” in Iran. Like many other popular crafts of the Kashmir Valley, Tilla Dozi was also introduced by Shah – e- Hamadan, a Muslim Saint, who migrated to Kashmir from Persia following Taimur’s invasion.

In the earlier times, when precious metals were inexpensive, Tilla was done using real gold and Silver threads. With the passage of time, our artisans thought of making this craft more affordable and used Zari threads instead. Designs evolved and started reflecting the beauty of the valley of Kashmir. The Tilla that we know today contains motifs which are specific to Kashmir – The Lotus, the Chinar leaf, the Paisley and a lot more.

The beauty of this particular embroidery captivated the hearts of all Kashmiri women and it became a must have for all Kashmiri Brides. Fads came and went by, but the Tilla always remained loved by brides. And so, we thought of introducing it to beautiful women all around the world. After all, what better trousseau for a bride than a Royal Tilla embroidered piece which has been crafted specially for her in the very heart of Paradise.

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