The Diwali Lookbook

It was a long moonless night when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya from his 14 years in exile. To celebrate his homecoming, the people of his land lit his path with oil lamps. And thus began the tradition of Diwali.

 Eagerly awaited by more than a billion people across the world, the Diwali or Deepavali is a candid celebration of the victory of Rama over evil and the invoking of Goddess Lakshmi for monticules of prosperity and welfare to transpire. The festival, the rituals of which last for five consecutive days becomes a reason to rejoice in brightened homes full of nears and dears. Surrounded by sacrosanct beliefs, the Diwali becomes a route to spread joy, mirth, and sweetness amongst all. The illumination of homes with traditional Diyas by womenfolk, the spectacular display of fireworks amidst a crowd of worried elders, gorging over special delicacies and the flaunting of exquisite apparel and accessories are just some of the little moments cherished during the five-day festivities.

And while the celebrations occur, it is time for the ladies to dress up in finery and carry an ornate look throughout. This year, we have curated some exquisite looks from Kashmir for the 5 special days which mark your merriment and joy.

The Dhanteras Look

Because Dhanteras is considered to be the best time to prosper in silver and gold, dress it up with a beautiful Chartreuse Green Skirt and Blouse Combo, ornated by hues of Silver Kashmiri Tilla which sits atop its neck like a prized jewel. Pair it with traditional Silver Jhumkis and bangles and let your fusion look do the talking. 

    The Narak Chaturdashi Look

With the day commencing as early as 3 a.m and full of hosting neighbors, relatives, and friends, be your elegant self-carrying a chic Cobalt Blue Flowered Tilla laden kurta which combines the power of color with the finesse of silk. Team it up with crème trousers, dupatta and pumps and complete the look with some light jewels.  

The Lakshmi Pujan Look

The evening Puja pays tribute to Goddess Lakshmi as she showers your home with wealth and prosperity. Amidst beautiful flowers, colorful rangolis and acts of devotion, dress up in a plush Denim Blue Saree of georgette, embellished with the classic sheen of Kashmiri Tilla, pair it with golden stilettos and Jhumkis for the perfect evening look.

The Padwa Look

Celebrating the sacrosanct bond of marriage, Padwa is the day when wives pray for the longevity of their husbands. Wear an ethnic Zarbab Velvet Suit on the occasion and let its regal hues and jewel tones make a statement for your unique sense of style. Accessorize with Golden Pumps and a gold nose ring and be the epitome of grace.

The Bhai Dooj Look

On a day which rejoices the bond of siblinghood, wear an effortlessly beautiful Abstract Tilla kaftan to keep it light and classic. Bejeweled in Zari shimmers and the abstraction of prints, the carefree attire is a perfect piece of fusion dressing. Pair it with some light brass jewelry and bid adieu to the festivities in contemporary style.

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