20 Ways to wear your Pashmina

20 Ways to wear your Pashmina

Pashmina! A word which sounds royalty in itself. For over a thousand years the finest craftsmanship of Kashmir artisans’ hand spinning a masterpiece has been a token of sophistication of a different level. The gorgeous and elegant Pashmina shawl has been the adornment of all. From the locals of the valley to the royalty of England, it has earned its way in the closet of all. Owning a genuine Pashmina is a dream of all women, are they fashion crazy or not. The elegance of a Pashmina can turn any dress into a head turner; can make any lady stand tall. Throughout history; kings, queens and other nobility were the only ones who could afford to have shawls made from this ultra luxurious fabric. But now the luxury is for all.

What are you wrapped into?

The word Pashmina is derived from the Persian word Pashm which literally means wool; a special type of wool derived from a breed of goat (capra hircus) indigenous to the Himalayan mountains. Pashm is the animal-hair fiber forming the downy undercoat of the Kashmiri goat and is referred to as the King of fibers. Although the word cashmere is sometimes incorrectly applied to extremely soft wools, only the product of the Kashmir goat is true cashmere. Known for its fineness and warmth, it is the most luxurious fiber commanding a high price and yes, in terms of fashion, it is – timeless! Never out of style. So take a little pride, the king of fibers is embracing the Queen in you.

Charm 'o' Pashmina:

Half of the elegance of Pashmina comes from its simplicity. The softness of Pashmina embraces you in a warm affectionate hug. The drape along your silhouette takes you into another dimension- a world of royalty, wherein you are the Queen. Enjoy the soft melody of elegance and charm playing softly into your soul. Let the silky-soft caresses uplift you in a loving way. The awe in the eyes of your entourage, wondering how much elegant one can be. I may be sounding a little crazy but am sure, a lot of  ladies out there, feel the same about their gorgeous Pashmina shawl. Once you let the empress of the shawls, the Kashmiri Pashmina, wrap you up in its charm and care, I am sure you will never feel the same way again about any other drape.

 Pashmina Styles:

The softness of a Pashmina offers many styles to go for it. Wear it as a scarf or wear it as a stole, wrap it around your neck in countless styles or drape it as an elegant shawl.Lately used in a cover-up skirt style, you can set your own trend with the delicately soft Pashmina Shawls. Be creative with your own lovely Pashmina.

Buy the Royal Wrap, a masterpiece directly from the makers of cashmere, from the beautiful valley of Kashmir-an elegant showcase of the Artisans of Kashmir!! Grab Your Wrap.

Well, I came across a youtube channel displaying the different styles you can pick up for your Pashmina shawls. It is really an amazing video tutorial for your Pashmina styles. Choose one that suits you and drape up in different styles for different occasions. How to wear a pashmina, 20 ways.

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