10 Foods Kashmiris Relish in Ramadhan

10 Foods Kashmiris Relish in Ramadhan

Being a Muslim majority state, Ramadan is celebrated with much fervor in Kashmir. Come Ramadan, and the markets are abuzz with delicacies and refreshing beverages which keep the faithful in good spirit.  The streets of Srinagar are a lively spree as makeshift stalls and shops display a wide variety of dates, dry fruits and fried delicacies. People are seen shopping for their choicest foods across the streets of Shehr – e- Khaas and Lalchowk.

The month is one of fasting, feasting and a lot of shopping! Besides the shopping, you will get to witness a lot of stuff if you happen to visit Kashmir in this blessed month – Sahar Khan, a dedicated person for every area, beats his drum to wake people up from their deep sleep to offer Sehri, Mosques all full of people of all age groups, elaborate Iftars (fast breaking) and Iftar parties are conducted and the local Kandur’s (Bread maker) shop witness a tremendous rush. Dedicated prayers on Shab – e – Qadr and the preparations of the upcoming Eid are no less!

Kashmiris are avid food lovers and hence, here’s enlisting some delectable Ramadan foods which are not to be missed!


  1. Babribyol (Basil Seeds)

This refreshing drink is the perfect thing to break your fast with, especially in the hot and humid temperatures. Nothing like it!

  1. Sivaiyyan

Served chilled, this dish is one of the most delectable desserts ever!

  1. Firni

The queen of all desserts, firni is easy to make and yummilicious to eat.

  1. Gaev Tchot

A traditional bread, made in Desi Ghee - Such is the taste of this bread that people spend hours in a queue  waiting for their turn to grab one at the baker's.

  1. Aanchar (Pickles)

Home made, hot and flavory, Kashmiri pickles have an unmatched tangy flavor, that is a treat to one's taste buds after a long day of fasting!

  1. Noon Chai

Happy times over a steaming cup of Noon chai are cherished by Kashmiris of all age groups

  1. Dates

 Sweet, tasty and loaded with nutritional benefits, dates are the highlight of all iftaars. Who doesn't want to grab one!

  1. Shami Kebab

Shami Kebabs need no introduction. Savory in taste, these are a treat for all non vegetarians

  1. Halwa Tchot

Sweet, delicious and loaded with rich dry fruits, the halwa is to be enjoyed with local bread and shared with family and friends

  1. Kateer

Also known as Tragacanth Gum, the Katira drink is loaded with health benefits. It regulates  blood pressure and acts as a detox. Besides, its cools down your body like nothing else could.

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