• Walnut Wood Carving (Part 2)

    Walnut Wood Carving (Part 2)

    Last time we stopped our journey of the prized and loved walnut wood carving at the Carpenter (Kashmiri chaan). Today I am going to take you beyond that point till the end of our journey of walnut wood. From manufacturing of walnut wood trees into fashionable planks and giving the final finishing touches to it using the local tools and techniques, our walnut wood...
  • Walnut Wood Carving (Part 1)

    Walnut Wood Carving (Part 1)

    The walnut wood tree is locally known as ‘doon kul’ wherein doon means walnut and kul means a tree. The wood is hard and durable; it is close grained and even textured which facilitates fine and detailed carving work. Walnut wood has an inherit sheen which comes on its own when polished with wax. The wood from the root of the tree is almost...
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