Because Healthy Mom means Healthy Family

Because Healthy Mom means Healthy Family

Kids have all the energy in the world. They run all the day, indoors and out and don’t even show one sign of low energy (except when they fall suddenly at 8 pm giving moms a hard dinner time). They never want to rest on weekends and might probably go on treks and river rafting trips with friends. They are never ever tired. However they are ones who get the heavenly noon naps. They are the ones cuddled and pampered when sick. Not fair!

Parenting, especially motherhood, on the other side is the total opposite. The most rewarding yet exhausting job in the world is that of a mother. Moms have things to do 24*7. No weekends off. No sick days. The main focus remains the kids. Moms just have no time for themselves, their health which gets depleted, their beauty that fades, nothing but the family. But this fact is not something to be proud about. After all, if the centrefold of our homes isn’t well, how can we expect everything to be going on just fine.

The fretful attitudes or the weekly temper tantrums can easily be replaced by a good 8 hour sleep, but sometimes it is never possible for the moms whose energy gets drained from morning till evening, or even some night. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you as children help moms in their daily chores, so that they get a little rest or naps that they only dream of. But would the nap be enough to supercharge them. Never. With growing age and general weakness, moms need something extra. A quick fix maybe to free them of the age related issues and recharge their energy levels in a healthy manner would be great. So we list for those wonderful beings in our lives, a list of power and energy boosting foods which will keep them on-the-go for the day besides keeping them healthy, stress free and active for a lifetime.

Shilajit - For her bones

Coffee does wonders in boosting moms energy levels. But as you age, coffee is no more your best friend. Something more powerful yet safe has to be used as a perfect replacement. And the good news is that the mother nature herself is blessing you with something extraordinary. Shilajit. A powerful superfood which has the answer to almost all your age related health issues. Whether you are a full time mom, or someone who needs to balance between work and family, Shilajit is perhaps all you need. Not only does Shilajit make bones and joints stronger, but also builds resilience against various forms of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Walnuts - For her heart

As you age, your heart tends to become weaker. This is because muscle is constantly made and degraded, and with age, this muscle degradation becomes dominant, leading to weakness and difficulty to maintain cardiac health.

Walnuts improve cardiovascular risk factors by lowering the bad cholesterol by almost 16% and diastolic blood pressure by 2-3 mmHg, which are the major contributors of heart disease. Adding walnuts to your diet can reverse your heart diseases and keep your heart fit and young. A handful of walnuts is just enough for an everyday consumption.

Turmeric - For memory

A regular intake of turmeric may help in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in old age. Curcumin, the main active ingredient of the bright yellow wonder spice is ideal to heal brain cells and prevent mental decline associated with age. You are add turmeric simple in milk or into your favorite cuisines and enjoy its health boosting benefits anytime you want.

Tea: For Lungs

Old age causes lungs to be weak too. Older women usually have a breathing problem which leads to asthma or even lung cancer.

Tea is one of the richest sources of flavonoids - which are the most powerful disease fighting antioxidants. Consuming black tea may help in lowering the risk of high blood pressure and stroke besides maintaining and regulating cholesterol levels.

A Gentle Beauty Regimen for your favorite human beings.

Don’t you see how beautiful mom looked on her wedding day. Her beautiful face, big eyes, soft lips and healthy hair, all has disappeared in these years. It can’t be brought back but just some changes in her beauty regimen can make her look beautiful even now. Here is the list of products which mom can easily include even in the busiest of schedules.


Cleansing is extremely important in this age when every single damage to your skin manifests itself clearly. Do not use a soap, but a gentle cleanser or mild face wash to mildly cleanup and exfoliate your tired skin and give it a subtle glow.

Soothe Dry Skin

Aged skin tends to be dry. Lesser natural oils, sun damage and a decrease in cell renewal all together lead to dry and rough skin as you get older. Moisturisers with Vitamin A can be very useful to heals those cracked and tarnished hands and feet and keep them supple throughout.

Pumpkin seed oil is extremely benefits both for inner and outer beauty. Vitamin A and E, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, tryptophan and a host of potent antioxidants in pumpkin seed oil helps treat age related skin issues for the younger looking skin you always dreamt of.

Hair Care for Mom

Like the skin, hair also tends to become weak and fragile with age. Scalp becomes weak, split ends are common and ultimately the hair is broken off or worse, lost. However there are some ways which can help hair become stronger or at least be like it is in younger age.

Cleaning the hair

The hair of women above the age of 50 is very weak and can't stand harsh soaps or chemical rich shampoos. Hence it is recommended to use a mild shampoo which gently removes dust or dirt and leaves the hair clean and damage free.

Hairstyling: With age, the hair and scalp both tend to get weaker. Weak scalp usually does not have the strength to hold the weight of a long hair. Thus it is recommended to go for shorter hairstyles with shorter layers around the face which is easier to manage even if they are late to their all time favorite kitties.

Strengthen hair from the inside

Nothing can beat the power of a healthy diet. If moms diet isn't healthy, there is no way that her skin and hair look or feel healthy. A balanced nutritious diet, which contains everything that her body needs and is crying for, are just the perfect start to her healthy and stress free life.

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