Storytelling through his lens - Sajad Rafeeq

Storytelling through his lens - Sajad Rafeeq

I am Sajad Rafeeq, born and brought up in Srinagar. A Civil Engineer by profession, I am currently working in the R&B Department as a Junior Engineer. Apart from that I am a Freelance Photographer for some magazines. I see myself as an optimistic, ambitious and a perseverant learner.

I started photography when I was in college, back in 2010 with a Nokia 3230 phone that had 1.3 MP camera. Since then there has been no looking back.

Photography for me is more than just a hobby. I find peace and solace in clicking pictures; it is my way of storytelling. Photography is my way of bringing forth the tales of our part of the world to the rest.

My muse is storytelling; a picture can convey emotions,stories more than words can. Be it people or their life impressions, it is their stories that inspires me to take better pictures.

I am associated with many local photography clubs here including Kashmir Photography Club and Delhi Photography Club.

My work has been published on many national and international magazines. My pictures are featured on the Cover of many Penguin India books.One of my latest achievements that changed my life was winning The Nat Geo Cover Shot Title in 2015, a reality based photography competition in which I competed with 15 other participants all over India and the show that was aired on National Geographic Channel. 

I would like to share a message across all the young photographers out there that if you really love photography, do it for your self and not to impress others, keep doing it, you will go far ahead. Also don't sideline your studies especially if it is your hobby. Manage time for your career as well as for your passion of photography. 

I love each and every thing about Kashmir except the politics which has been always there in the atmosphere ever

since I was born. Kashmir is in my blood and it is this place that inspires me to make better pictures every day. 

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