9 Holiday Season Gift Ideas

9 Holiday Season Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love unexpected and meaningful gifts?

It’s the time of the year when everybody is sifting for ideas to gift to their loved ones for the holiday ritual of gift-giving. Shoppers are scurrying about the markets looking for the perfect gift for the special people in their lives.

And yet, gifting is an art which often leaves the best of us in a dilemma. While shopping for oneself is a piece of cake, shopping for others is a gargantuan task. Why? Because the latter involves the risk of them not being awestruck at the gift you gave. Besides, a well thought of gift  holds the potential to show interest, appreciation, and gratitude, as well as strengthen bonds with others. Hence it requires more thought and consideration than the usual stuff we keep gathering for ourselves.

Since the art of gifting requires much thought, here’s a curation of natural and healthy gifts ideas which can transform their holiday from a routine one to a delightful one:

  1. A Tea Flush
    For daybreaks which are fulfilling and healthy.

        Infused with natural spices and brimmed with a concoction of healthy dry              fruits and Acacia honey, A Tea Flush contains all the ingredients of an ideal            tea time within itself.

  1. Aromatherapy
    Obtained in a natural state, Aromatherapy is a gift which contains the freshness Nargis flower and relaxing prowess of Kashmiri lavender flowers within its 2 essential oils. The experience which it provides is of utmost peace and tranquility.

  1. Grass root
    A handmade gift put together by grassroot papier mache artists and growers makes a perfect present for anybody with an eye for crafts and details. The gift carefully balances between good health and contemporary lifestyle.

  1. Hale
    Ever heard of the phrase “Hale and Hearty”? That’s exactly what this gift is about - health. It contains the all the essential elements to uplift moods, manage weight and provide for perfect heart health. Makes a perfect present for the health conscious.

  1. Heart Healthy
    What’s better to gift than a happy healthy heart! Here’s a gift which helps achieve just that.  The hamper contains a combination of natural walnuts and almonds which provide for the sound health.

  2. Kong
    The purest strands of saffron from the valleys of Kashmir combined with a handmade assorted Paper Mache box in a luxury gift hamper can be gifted to your family, friends or colleagues on special occasions for a memorable experience.

  3. Locavore
    Made with love for those who have a strong inclination towards locally and naturally produced food, Locavore brings in the sweetness of wild Acacia flower honey with the ecstatic flavor of  Kashmiri Roses for a guilt free indulgence.

  4. Saccharine
    We all know the people who have an inclination for all the sweet things in the world but can’t really indulge into it. Here’s a treat for them all - Saccharine. The gift blends the sweetness of natural honey with rose hip jam for a guilt free indulgence.

  1. Sundara

       The essence of fresh roses, exotic saffron and fragrant lavenders together            enhance the natural beauty of a person barring the age old concepts of color         and complexion.


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