How To Care For Your Pashmina?

How To Care For Your Pashmina?

700 years ago, a revered and skilfull saint from Persia set out to a voyage along with his group of 700 craftsmen to the Valley which was known to be nestled in the bosom of the Himalayas. Exploring through it’s nooks and crannies, the saint travelled to Ladakh where he found out that the Ladakhi goats produced soft wool. He took some wool, made socks out of them and presented them as a gift to king of Kashmir, Sultan Kutabdin. Afterwards, this saint, popularly known as Shah-e-Hamdan suggested to the king that they start a shawl weaving industry in Kashmir using this wool. Ever since, Pashmina shawls have been worn by the royalty and the elites in the region for centuries. It’s soft folds yield a non pareil warmth which has been acclaimed by luxury lovers across the world. Being handwoven and precious in it’s make and demeanor, a common question often leaves Pashmina lovers wondering - How to Care for It?

If taken good care of, a Pashmina wrap can be passed on from generation to generation without losing a tad of its glamor. It will age gracefully, unlike it’s regular counterparts available in the market.
The following steps, if taken care of, can ensure your Pashmina remains intact for decades altogether.

Everyday Pashmina Care
Use a special Cashmere comb to remove pilling.

Iron on low heat with a damp cloth between your Pashmina and the iron.

Take care when pairing with sharp accessories or rough fabrics to prevent pilling.

Be sure to de-pill and de-crease your Pashmina before packing away.

Cleaning and Washing

Dry clean your precious Pashmina to avoid damage or hand wash with cold water and mild baby shampoo.

Don't wring the pashm while washing. Let the water pass gently.

Do not tumble dry.

Lay the Pashmina flat while drying for regular hanging may deform it.

Storing Your Pashmina

Always fold your Pashmina.

Store it in a well aired, dust free place.

Keep your Pashmina away from sunlight to avoid color damage.

Keep away from cardboard or plastic storage.

Hang some rosemary, cedar wood or naphthalene wherever you are storing your precious to keep moths at bay.

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