10 Types of Teachers We Have All Come Across

10 Types of Teachers We Have All Come Across

The best days of our lives have either been spent in School or College in fun, laughter and teasers. And yes, Teachers have been a part of us all along. There are many types of teachers that we have all come across, at some time in our life, be it in school or be it in college, we have all had our share of their indispensable existence, loving them, hating them, mimicking them and respecting them all the same.

There are many types of teachers and listed below are the 10 types, am sure everyone has known and has had some special memories attached to each type.

10. The Strict One:

This type of teacher is everywhere, in school as well as in college. We are scared of them, always in line in front of them and at our best behavior with them. This type of teacher is responsible for maintain all the decorum in the class and sometimes even other teachers are a bit scared of this one. They are the ones who have a punishment assigned for all, forgot to bring your book, did not get the paper signed, talking too much in the class, they control all.

9. The Funny One:

This one is the favorite of us all. The funny teacher who sets the class rolling effortlessly sometimes intentionally just to ease the air. We all love and anticipate their class. And this class we usually top in grades as well, the magic of them all. Their class mostly is fun time and some rules are always broken in this one.

8. The Diva:

They are the one well dressed and groomed in style. We are always interested to see them early in the morning just to check out what they are wearing today. All the girls want to end up like her; we endlessly talk about her grace, her style and the air she walks in!

7. The Preacher:

There is always one teacher in school and in college as well, who always has kind, motivating and confidence imbibing words for you. The preacher who makes you feel the best of all, who guides you through the thick and thin of life and who is always there to make you understand how life works. Ironically what we find irrelevant at that time generally puts a tender smile on our face as we grow up to find how true it all was!

6.  The One With Their Eyes On You:

And there is this one teacher, who is always looking at you. Always! The moment they enter the class, they are determined to grill you with their looks. It’s always like “I am watching you”. In their class you are even scared to breathe, lest they should catch you and assign some punishment to you, or a long boring assignment. You are always alert in their class, trying to shift their focus away from you, but that is never the case. Aah!

5. The Biased One:

We all know this one teacher, who is biased towards that other student in your class. Whatever you do, how much effort you put in, you don’t get that first spot with this one. Your assignments might be same, word to word, but that student gets an A+ while you are stuck with an A!

4. The Lazy One:

This type of our teacher is too lazy to even stand in the class. They enter and get comfortably seated in their chair, flipping through the pages of the textbook and generally are too tired to read themselves. They assign the reading portions to students and are sometimes literally dozing off. ;)

3. The One with a Pet Sentence:

We all love this type of teacher, they are funny but they mean business as well. They always have this one sentence which you get to hear almost every 5 minutes. Be it a scolding or a word of appreciation, be it a lecture going on, you are always counting how many times would they repeat this one sentence they so much are in love with.

2. The Coconut Type:

They are the ones who are always strict in the class, making it a point that the discipline in the class never goes hay. They believe in giving you lessons and frequently taking your surprise tests. They want to make you the best you are and put up a stern face in your presence. But deep down we all know that they have a softer side to them, they love you and are understanding where you least expect them to be, they are the coconut types; the harder shell enclosing the softer side. We always respect them and even in their scoldings find some genuine lessons to learn.

1. Your Favorite One:

This one is the special one of them all. They are that one teacher who is the mentor in your life, who not only teaches you your lessons but imparts wisdom into your minds. They inspire you to become the best you are, they understand you as a person, in your shortcomings, in your strengths and pull out the best from you. The one teacher you still remember and would love to meet. The one teacher you wish your parents could always end up meeting with. They are the one teacher, you would be proud to display your achievements in front of, knowing they have their share in your growth and success, to make them feel proud. Your favorite teacher for life, you respect them and like them for your lifetime.

Having said all this, one thing that remains is whichever type your teachers maybe, they remain in our hearts, as parts of our lives in the form of beautiful memories. Even when we grow old, we are like; remember that one in school, that funny one in college, our teachers will always be a beautiful memory of our best days of life!

To all our teachers, Happy Teacher’s Day!!

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