Wall Art

Wall Art

The home tends to look monotonous if you don’t try to revamp and spruce up its interiors time and again. The energy levels of its dwellers begin to show a significant dip if things are not moved around or a breath of freshness is not added. While changing the interiors of your home is both interesting and exciting, it requires a lot of creative thought. There’s a whole detailed science that goes into designing your home - it ranges from shifting your furniture to changing the curtains, it extends to adding a small plant here and there to re-organizing your space.

 However, the most sought after home revamping is changing how your walls look. And no, it does not involve painting them all over again. In fact, painting the walls is so much of a hassle that nobody in their sane minds and tight schedules would do it. Hence, the most convenient and intriguing way to change the walls is this - wall art.

Wall art is a wide term which can mean anything from adding a bunting here to an expert level wall hanging there. However, with a little bit of creativity, even the blankest walls can look full of life, luxurious and truly pleasing to the eyes.

 Once you are done, the look and feel of your home will never be the same again. Here are 27 DIY ideas to begin with.

1. The Tree of Life Wall Art

The tree of life has been a legend throughout decades and centuries. The design was first introduced in the 14th century and hasn’t lost a tad of its grace till date. It involves a few birds perched across blossoming trees and makes exclusive decor, especially when turned into a piece of wall art.

2. Animal Love Wall Art

Animal lovers have long struggled to display their love on their walls. A walnut wood wall art turns their dreams into a reality. Carved with specialized tools and utmost precision, a wooden wall plate acts as a major contributor towards your living room or sitting area. The wooden base incite warmth and comfort while the engraving itself inspires awe at the craftsmanship besides speaking of your faunal love.

3. Dragon Strength Wall Art

Dragons have long been associated with power, ferociousness, and strength. What if you could imbibe all of these characteristics in your home? Dragon wall art has recently splurged the markets in diverse forms and even been cherished for the power it can bring to an otherwise barren wall.

4. Floral Wall Art

Floral wall art has been the most sought after among them all. From wallpapers to stickers to wall plates, each beautiful home has hosted a floral theme along with its wall. If you are an ardent fan of minimalism, you’d love this hanging in both your sitting area as well as bedroom space. It will enliven both.

5. Stone Wall Art

Stone art has recently surfaced in interior design trends. Natural colored stones are collected and ground to utmost finesse by artisans and elaborate wall art is made out of these seemingly ordinary ingredients. These wall hangings are elaborate and can stand gracefully as statement pieces over your walls.

6. Classic Paper Mache Wall Art

It has been used for centuries across France, Persia and Kashmir valley as a statement to their homes. The art involves recycling waste paper, turning it into elaborate pieces of decoration and hand painting beautiful floral and faunal motifs into it.

7. Portraits

Portraits are the classiest things your wall can host. Made out of bold and fine stones, beautiful portraits are a legendary and sure shot way to create a statement in your home. You can get your own portrait made or get one from the market, the idea of a portrait itself evokes a special feeling of exclusivity.

8. Gul e Hazara Wall Art

Gul-e-Hazara literally translates to a thousand splendid flowers. The design draws inspiration from the land of Persia from where it migrated to Kashmir valley. The wall design showcases a thousand flowers spread in carpets, wall plates and many more objects of decor. For wall plates, the Gul-e-Hazara has long been crafted in the realms of Kashmiri Paper mache.

9. The Narnia Wall Art

Everybody dreams of a perfect or ideal place which we call Narnia - a place where natural beauty is at its epitome and peace is prevalent. Wall art depicting Narnia is one of the most satisfying things which a wall could possibly host.

10. Copper on the Walls

You’ve imagined wood on the walls, you’ve imagined willow too. But have you imagined copper?

If not, hold your breath for the most unheard of wall art in the town - the copper one.

11. Hang In a Tray

Trays have long been used for serving. But did you know that if they are good enough, you could hang them on your walls and bring in some exceptional creativity to your living space? If your tray is wooden or made of paper mache, it makes all the difference to your home interior to have them hanging by the wall.

12. Frame It All

Photo frames are the most exciting and interesting ways to hang by the wall. Not only are the frames beautiful to look at, but they capture all your happy memories and help you add an emotional quotient to your home. That’s something to hold onto.

13. Historic Wall Art

Poets, nobles, and kings have long been the subject of art. Here is one such rug which defines the romantic ballad of Omar Khayyam with his mistress. Hand embroidered to perfection, such pieces of wall art can exemplify your taste and be a history lover’s dream.

14. Paintings

Who doesn’t love to hang a painting by the wall? One of the most successful and loved forms of wall renovation is adding a painting to it - whether canvas or other. A painting made of paper mache can also work wonders towards your dream home theme.

15. Chain Stitch Wall Decor

Chain stitch rugs are the talk of the town. They are known for their ability to be used as a rug as well as a piece of wall art. Here we can use them as a wall hanging which shows historic moments from the court of the Mughals.

16. Wall Runners

They are minimal, yet laden with embroidery. They are traditional, yet modish in their looks. A runner is not just for the table, it does amazingly well as a piece of wall art too.

17. Grassy Wall Art

Grassy mats, made especially in Kashmir valley is made from a special type of wetland grass. They are used for both floorings as well as wall decor. Dried grass is interwoven to make this mat and anybody can create it with ease and comfort and hung on walls to give them a rustic look.

18. Embossed Paintings

The era of engraving has given way to that of embossing. Embossed wall art looks and feels bold, brazen and confident, especially when done in typical Kashmiri Paper Mache which is already colorful enough to make a room look beautiful.

19. Jute Paintings

Jute is voguish, jute is earthy, jute is minimal.

Jute paintings do not just make a place on your walls, they make a place in your heart as well. And when they are coupled with meaning, it gives all the more reason to have them around.

20. Willow Hangings

They are an exclusive type of wall art. Made from intertwined willow rings, the hangings add a unique edge to any wall. They can be hung in in spirals or curves or straight and the most convenient thing about them is that they are easy to clean and detach/attach.

21. Fanning The Walls

Who said fans can be used only for cooling. Can’t they be decorative too?

Here is one which can be framed into a wall hanging and used as an exemplary piece of decor.

22. The Wild Running Animal

The beauty and grace of Kashmiri Hanguls are captured on a canvas of Dusoot Cotton in the threads of chain stitch embroidery. The running animals are on the verge of extinction and their hangings show a deep sense for wildlife preservation.

23. Flower Baskets

Flower baskets made of willow not only do well on the tables but are also amazing on the walls. With fresh flowers hanging by your walls and being complimented by earthy wicked, who would want to add anything else?

24. Heritage Tapestries

Handmade tapestries are made out of thread and needle. Not only are they easy to make, but they are also heritage in their demeanor. These tapestries are made on canvas and hung on walls for beauty and splendor.

25. Fusion Wall Hangings

What if your wall art could combine traditional with modern? What if it could combine checks with embroideries, what if it could balance between the two.

There are wall hangings tapestries which do just that.

26. Namda Beauties

Namdas are woolen mats which are generally used for flooring in the winter months. However once the winters are done, you can conveniently add a few hooks to their corners and hang them by the walls.

27. Rounded Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are exquisite. Chain stitch rugs are well crafted. Round rugs are in. What if we could combine them all into one! What could be more beautiful?

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