Evolution of Kashmiri Tops and Kurtis: From Traditional to Modern Designs

Evolution of Kashmiri Tops and Kurtis: From Traditional to Modern Designs

The world of fashion has seen a significant number and quality of evolutions. Amongst them, Indian fashion has been influential and remarkable. Talking about fashion in India, we can never point out one type of clothing style or one cultural fashion pattern. Instead, different states and parts of our country have unique and specific fashion styles. In the following discussion, we will be covering Kashmiri Tops and Kurtis and their evolution from the traditional essence to modern designs now. 
We will now take up each type of top and kurti from Kashmiri designs and culture, and assess their evolutionary process from traditional to modern designs. So, let us know more about them.

Embroidered Kurtis 

The most common Kashmiri clothing pieces are the Embroidered kurtis. Embroidery is the art by which one decorates a fabric with the help of needles and thread of various colours in different patterns to form specific and flawless designs. The Kashmiri embroidery on kurtis has witnessed significant changes and evolution. The difference is quite remarkable and can be easily pointed out. 

In the past, embroidery designs on kurtis were typically more floral, flowy, and abundant, covering a large area of the fabric and giving the garment a full appearance. However, in recent times, modern embroidery on kurtis has shifted towards a minimalist style, reflecting the current trend. This modern style of embroidery typically features simpler designs that deviate from traditional floral and ancient patterns.

Kashmiri box offers you the most varied and authentic-style embroidery kurtis with the pure essence of Kashmiri culture. You can readily choose the favourite designs and colours that you think would suit you the best.

Georgette Kurtis 

Georgette is a popular fabric that is used to manufacture Summer Kurtis for Women. The fabric is comfortable to wear and has a flowy texture. Working with this fabric in the fashion industry has also been quite a ride throughout the years. There are two primary differences between traditional and modern designs of georgette kurtis. It means two factors are responsible for the evolution of georgette kurtis.

There is a noticeable difference between traditional georgette kurti designs and those available in the market today. Additionally, the quality of the fabric has significantly improved, making it more comfortable and affordable than before. You can order the Powdered White Aari Embroidered Georgette Kurti from us at the best prices. 

Silk Kurtis 

When talking about silk kurtis of Kashmiri style, this type of clothing too has undergone a substantial evolutionary process to reach the modern designs that it has now. But, there are not many differences between traditional designs and modern designs. The main factor based on which we can say that silk kurtis have undergone an evolutionary process is the viability of options and the popularity of unique designs. 
Previously, there used to be not many options available. But now, one can get numerous varieties of kurtis of various designs made from the finest silk fabric. Kashmiri Box has a large variety of authentic Kashmiri silk kurtis that will leave you spellbound. Have a look at the Myrtle Blue Flower Essence Silk Kurti and get the glimpse of our collection. 

Cotton Tops and Kurtis 

The most comfortable Summer Tops for Women are cotton tops and kurtis. They are the most commonly preferred and used, especially during summers, but in general, throughout the year. This fabric is gentle and equally affordable. Cotton tops and kurtis have also been through an evolutionary journey to have the designs they have in recent times. 
Modern fashion designs on cotton kurtis and tops are mostly floral and minimal. But previously, the designs were crowded but beautiful, and there were no signs of minimalism. When you want to give yourself the best designs of cotton tops and kurtis, Kashmir Box has the widest range and collection ready to be sold to you. To spend your summer comfortably and in style Light Blue Zari Embroidered Cotton Kurti can be the perfect choice. 

Kaftan Tops 

Another famous piece of clothing and fashion from the land of Kashmir is the Kaftan top. Modern-day fashion includes a larger variety of designs and types of kaftan tops than they used to be traditionally. At Kashmir Box, you can get numerous lengths and reigns of kaftan tops, and you can readily bag the ones that suit your and our preferences the best. Try our Gulaab Naal White Embroidered Kaftan to make heads turn. 

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Final Words

Whether it is an Embroidery kurti set or a comfortable kaftan top that you want to bag, you are assured of getting the widest collection of every type of Kashmiri clothing in Kashmir Box. You have the guarantee of the most affordable prices and the finest fabric and designs at the same time.

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