The Kashmiri Wedding Checklist


Often known for the exuberance and grandiose it reflects, a typical traditional Kashmiri wedding is a fun-filled ceremony with lots of colors, food, and singing. The bride and groom go through a number of rituals before the actual wedding that involves feasts, haircuts and ritual baths.

However before any of that happens, it is the wedding preparations that commence months before the big day, especially on the bride’s part. The day is perhaps one of the most memorable days of her life. She spends months, if not years planning every moment of it to perfection. The excitement, the nervousness and the emotions surrounding the big fat Indian wedding cannot be put into words.

As a bride, she enthusiastically starts shopping for her big day. Amidst making and remaking that checklist, and embarking on a quest to find the most precious keeps for her new life, we’ve curated some exquisite finds to the bride to be, things which form an integral part of Kashmiri culture and add to the exquisiteness which our precious bride aspires for her trousseau.

  1. The Tilla Phiran

The traditional Phiran is made of velvet and threaded in the shimmers of Tilla embroidery. The attire is worn at the sacrosanct Nikah ceremony of a Muslim bride to add beauty and resplendence to the entire memory. 

2.      The Regal Zarbab



An essential keep of the Kashmiri bride, the royal fabric of Zarbaab silk could only be afforded by the elite in the olden times. The fabric is a richer version of brocade and makes a vivid and colorful attire to be worn at those little ceremonies which surround the big day!

3.      The Ethnic Wear



The ethnic closet must be filled with beautiful finds. And Kashmiri suits, threaded in the evergreen and rich embroideries of AariSozniZari and Tilla are the perfect additions for the trousseau.

  1. Timeless Pashmina

Often acclaimed in the world of luxury fashion for the regality it exudes, the story of true Cashmere Pashmina is as old as time itself. Its cultural significance unknown to many, Pashmina has been an integral part of every bride’s trousseau in this part of the world. The timeless pieces of luxury pass on as a symbol of heritage from mother to daughter at the time of the daughter’s wedding. And so the tradition lives on!

5.      Sandals of Silver



Walk down the aisle wearing Sandals made of pure silver into your new life just like the Traditional Kashmiri Bride! The dazzling sandals are a part of the rich culture which surrounds the valley of Kashmir.  

6.      The Heritage Copper



A heritage passed on from generation to generation, engraved copper vessels are considered to be a property to be gifted to her bride at the time she embarks upon a journey to her new home. The vessels, a sign of good omen, stay with her for a lifetime!

7.      Precious Jewels



Diamonds are forever, and so are sapphires and rubies. A bride, in any part of the world is incomplete without some precious jewels lending their undiminishing sparkle to her aura – and so is her trousseau.

8.      A Clutch to Remember



Amidst thousands of options available in the markets, find your precious Wedding clutch handmade by Papier Mache artists in the Valley. The warming tones of the accessory will complement your attire as effortlessly as is possible!

And now that the precious wishlist is made, let’s get to shopping!

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