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Kashmiri Saffron

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All About Himalayan Shilajit

Known among the Indian Yogis as Elixir of Life or Amrita, many people today are turning back to Shilajit - a natural, herbal remedy for their health and well being, One of the most potent rejuvenating anti aging blockbuster that mankind has ever known.


The Best of Kashmiri Delicacies, Crafts, Apparel and More

Hand Bags

Shoulder Some Style

Starts From Rs.399


In paper Mache

Starts From Rs.3999

Cushion Covers

For your abode

Starts From Rs.899


Willow Room Dividers

Starts from Rs.254

Kurta Pyjamas

Subtle Embroideries

Starts From 3500

Embellished Dupattas

In Embroideries

Starts Rs.2699

The Wazwan Fete

Non-Vegan Delights

From Rs.449


Tangy Pickles

From Rs.399


People, Places, Art, Craft and Food!

Rifat Jan - Being Bold for Change

As the mantra for this Women's day goes, "Be Bold For Change", our artisan of the month, Rifat Jan has quite lived her entire life upto it! A strong woman who has broken all stereotypes in the valley. Read More...

Wicker Willow Wonderments

Wicker willow, locally known as Veer Kani in Kashmir is one of the most significant crafts of Kashmiri Handicraft Industry. There must not be anyone who visited Kashmir and could ignore the presence of this earthy craft. Read More...

Crafted with Love

The Glorious Art and Craft of Kashmir

Pashmina Weaving

Royal Artwork

Paper Mache

Beautiful Color Melodies!

Starting from Rs,159

Walnut Wood

Precious Hand Art

From Rs.975

Oriental Carpets

Hand Knotted Kashmir Carpets

Beautiful Handmade Carpets in every size!

Chain Stitch

Intricate Hand Art

Chain Stitch Upholstery

Zari Kari

Shimmers of Kashmiri Zari

Gorgeous Zari Embroidery of Kashmir


The Traditional Kashmir

From Rs.1480


Beautiful Kashmir Basketry

From Rs.397

Kashmir Box - Your Convenient Connection to the best of Kashmir
Kashmir Box prides itself for being an artisan family of more than 1000 artisans, 200 producers and 50+ local brands from the remotest corners of Kashmir. We aim to bring the most cherished and glorious of authentic Kashmiri Crafts and produce to our valued customers, giving them the most seamless shopping experience ever. Whether you are looking for the soft embrace of Pashmina & Cashmere, or to charm up your attire with the best of Kashmiri Embroideries like Aari, Sozni & Tilla or to décor up your home with Paper Machie & Walnut Wood beauties or simply to treat yourself to the exquisite Kashmiri Kahwa, Dry Fruits, Saffron and Wazwan, or to benefit from the age old health boosters like Mountain Shilajit, we have got you covered. We are your convenient connection to the best of Kashmir, an easy way to get all the beautiful products as easily and hassle free as is possible.