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Our country has one of the most diverse ways of fashion and dressing. Each state and corner of our country has its signature clothing style and fashion patterns, which reflects our diverse culture and the integral nature of the nation. Kashmir is one of the most gorgeous places, not just because of its beautiful heavenly places. It is also because of the unmatchable fashion and style that it has. Among the many signature clothing styles that it has, the kaftan is the most remarkable one, and our discussion below will be about this fashion element. 

When we talk about kaftan, the image that surfaces in our mind is loose-fitted long top-wear. But, it is not such a simple piece of clothing. Rather, it has much more extravagance and elegance. Therefore, in the following discussion, we will discuss the different ways in which you can style kaftans. In the meantime, the decision will also throw some light on the different types of kaftans that are available. 

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Now, let us look into the different ways in which you can style different kaftans. 

Kaftan Lengths and Styling: How to Choose the Perfect Length and Pair with Bottom Wear

You can find different lengths of kaftan spending on which your styling can change. The long kaftans can be as long as racing to your ankles. They might or might not have side slits. It is not common to have kaftans with side slits. When you want to style long kaftans that reach your ankles, you need not have any bottom wear, such as leggings, palazzos, etc. Wearing just the kaftan serves as you are wearing a dress. Then, depending on the colour and occasion, you choose to dress up or dress down with different accessories. 

You can also find such kaftans, which are shorter than dresses. They generally reach a little below your knees. You can call it a kaftan top. They commonly require bottom wear and look better when worn with bottom wear. Leggings or palazzos of either matching or contrasting colors that complement the kaftan work perfectly for a complete fit. Check out this divine Classic Paisley White Kaftan and make it yours by ordering from us now!

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Choosing the Perfect Kaftan for Every Occasion: A Guide to Styling Short and Long Kaftans

You can style different kaftans on different occasions. You can choose a kaftan top when you want to opt for a casual look because keeping it simple is the best way of styling a top. But, when the occasion is quite grand and special, opting for the long kaftans becomes perfect. It is because long kaftans give a grand and elegant aura which suits the grandeur of the occasion ideally. You can also readily opt for embroidery in the kaftan that you choose. An embroidered long kaftan will be perfect for any grand occasion. You can style it up with various equally fascinating and complementary accessories. 

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Choosing the Perfect Fabric for Your Kaftan: A Guide to Styling Cotton and Georgette Kaftans

You can find numerous different kaftans in different fabrics. Depending On which fabric you choose, your styling can change to suit the fabric you have chosen. Let us start with the most common and comfortable fabric that we all love to wear during the summer. Yes, it is cotton! Cotton kaftans are lightweight, which often gives off the aura of simplistic styling. Therefore, not engaging much with accessories and always keeping it simple with the cotton kaftan kurta does the trick. 

The other common fabric is the georgette. Georgette kaftans are perfect when you want to dress up for some occasion, and the temperatures outside are also favorable. Because georgette is a fabric which is heavy, it is best to style them on occasion. And such kaftans have a bold and elegant essence which you can amplify with different accessories. Check out the wonderful Barg E Chinar Aari Embroidered Crepe Kaftan with its flowy texture and gorgeous work. 

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Why choose Kashmir Box for Kaftan?

Now that you know the different ways in which you can style different kaftans and make each look equally inimitable, how about choosing the best website for shopping for them? And when you want to choose the best website for shipping the finest quality kaftans at the best prices, and that too, with numerous options to choose from, nothing can be comparable to Kashmir Box and its collection of kaftans. 

It has one of the most extensively unique and gorgeous collections of kaftans of different fabrics and designs that suit every occasion you want. Additionally, you will find embroidered kaftans which significantly represent the Kashmiri culture, which further truly justifies the name of the website. The prices on this website are equally appealing and affordable, considering the excellent quality of fabric you eat when you choose Kashmir Box.

Final Words

As we now know that kaftans are not just simple pieces of loose-fitting clothing but an elegant form of fashion which can complement every occasion and purpose we want. And when you want to choose the perfect kaftans, there can be no better destination than the Kashmir Box. 

FAQs on Kaftan

When is the best time to wear kaftans? 

You can wear kaftans anytime of the year and anytime you want. They do not have any specific time, season or occasion for answering. However, it does reflect and represent the kashmiri style of fashion, but they are ideal for wearing anytime. What makes the difference is the material of the kaftan. Depending on whether the material is of cotton, georgette or of any other fabric, it can have different and specific time of the year to be worn. The cotton kaftans are best for the summer time because of its lightweight quality and comfortable texture. Whereas, the georgette fabric being a little rough in texture, it is ideal for the weather which is cool and not as warm as the summer days. 

Can I wear kaftan to any occasion?

Yes! You can find the most gorgeous and decorated kaftans that would make heads turn when you wear them to any occasion. The secret is the design you pick, the fabric of the pattern the kaftaan has. Georgette is an appealing fabric when it comes to choosing a kaftan for the purpose of wearing it on an occasion. It is because it gives off elegance and boldness. Additionally, if there are embroidery designs on the kaftan kurta, it makes it ten times more elegant and menserising. Thus, it becomes more fitting for an occasion. You can bag numerous breath-taking embroidered kaftan kurtis and tops at Kashmir Box at the most affordable prices. 

Do kaftans have high price ranges? 

The price range for kaftan is quite broad, but the starting of the range is affordable. Additionally, we do not necessarily say that the price range is broad. Kaftans are quite affordable, irrespective of their material and other factors that bring a range in their prices. The price range for kaftans exists because of numerous factors, the factors include the fabric for the kaftan, the designs, embroidery, length and the like. Kashmir Box offers one of the largest collections of kaftan

Do all kaftans look the same?

Not at all! Rather, each kaftan can be unique, by following numerous factors. The length of the kaftan can be one way for it. The other way is the shape, or the symmetrical quality of the kaftan. Having an asymmetrical cut can make the kaftans look unique. Their fabric, designs and manner of styling can also add on to the factor of making each kaftan look different from the other. 

Kaftan Price List

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Green Zari Embroidered Crepe Kaftan


Tan Purple Aari Embroidered Georgette Kaftan