10 Gifts for your Mother from Kashmir

10 Gifts for your Mother from Kashmir

Mother's Day is on 8th May but I am sure you already know that. She should be the most important person in your life and I really don’t want to go on about how and why? You must know it already, like everyone else who has been caressed by the warmth of the eternal motherly love. For that one person in your life who will stay by your side when the whole world is on the other side. For that one sincere friend who wishes nothing but good for you, always! For her who is always protecting you, pushing you, comforting you all the time, she is the only woman in your life whose love will never fade away for you, for whom you will always be her child, no matter how grown up you are, for her you should go out of your way, yes believe me, you should, to make her the special person she is!

This Mother's Day add to her life story a beautiful chapter of precious moments, lovely gifts and yes, your quality time with her! Give her something to smile, something she can think of as a fond memory as she grows old. Mothers never ever forget the love that their children bestow on them; these moments to them are priceless forever :) :)

You know your mother more than us, gift her something that she will cherish, make a hamper for her, or just the stuff you know she loves, we can give you the ideas, you are the one to choose.

Wrap her in your love of Royal Pashmina

The dream of every woman is to own a Pure Pashmina Wrap. Indulge in our collection of embroideredplain and modern design Pashmina shawls and stoles and make her the proud owner of an elite Pashmina. For a budget gift, we have other wraps to cuddle her in your love as well, Cashmere WrapsFrench Laced Wraps, the eternal Silk Wraps and Faux Cashmeres.

Clothe her in the warmth of your Care

A woman can never have too many clothes! Gift your mom what she likes to wear. Buy for her a lovely saree,  shalwar kameez, ethnic kurtis or trendy tops.  Choose her favorite color and give her some designer Kaftans. Women love embroidery, choose from our collection of Kashmiri Embroidery and make her smile in joy. We have a whole range of clothes, summer dress material, kurtis, tops, kaftans, silk jackets and sarees.

Let her flaunt your choice with our Luxurious Bags

Gift your darling mother a  luxurious embroidered bag.  Choose from our collection of handbags, clutches and also for the travelling mom, an embroidered luggage bag. Give her a chance to flaunt her child's love, a little she can show off to friends as a token of your love.

Make her the most beautiful mom with our Beauty Products

Which woman in the world does not want to look beautiful? Gift your mother on her special day, a beauty hamper of finest products from Kashmir. An essential beauty regime hamper or a collection of deluxe products from Kashmir to make her feel the Queen that she is!

Gift her a long life with our Health Hampers

Every mom loves to snack, be it your homemaker mom or an office going mom, a healthy snack is an essential must have in their bag. This mother's day gift her tasty healthy treats from Kashmir. Choose from our premium dry fruits, healthy teas & kehwa's or our custom made dry fruit gift hampers. If your mom is a foodie and loves to try on different cuisines, then buy her the most relished dishes of wazwan. You just have to pick and we will take care of the rest.

Cook for her an affectionate meal

She has been cooking for you all her life. For one day, take on that chef cap. It does not necessarily have to be a feast. Just one or two of her favorite dishes will do and with your effort, especially if you are a son, you have already won her heart ;) For a mother who loves to experiment in the kitchen, buy her the finest quality of Kashmiri Herbs & Spices. Indeed, gift her elite of spices, the pure Kashmiri Saffron  and see the spark gleam in her eyes.

Spoil her with our Finest Jewelry

Well, the love of jewelry in women is not a hidden fact. So make the most out of it and gift your mom the beautiful and dazzling silver jewelry crafted in precious and semi precious stones from Kashmir. And, wait for it; we have for your darling mom, a collection of beautiful
 hand crafted Jewelry Boxes 
in Paper Mache and Walnut Wood you can choose from for her precious keeps.

Décor up her Room with love from Kashmir

If your lovely mother is into interiors and loves beautifying your home, then there is nothing more wonderful than gifting her something beautiful from our home décor. We have a splendid collection of chain stitched rugs and wall hangings  that can inspire your love for her in her new set room. Also, we have for her masterpieces in Paper Mache and Walnut Wood,  the prized art from Kashmir. Be her favorite child and gift her something she will forever adore!

Priceless Gift For her never ending Devotion to you

Nothing, simply nothing you do for her can match her endless devotion she has shown for you for all these years and more to come. All she wants form you in return is your affection, your warm words, your love and some quality time. She knows that you love her, she understands your busy schedule, she adjusts to your family priorities, she knows it all and she understands without a complaint. She still loves you, still prays for your happiness and success, she is your mother, your darling mother! Be her son, be her daughter, for nothing is beloved to a mother than her child. Happy Mother's Day :) :)

Celebrate this Mother's Day with Kashmir, gift your Darling Mom a gift from Kashmir.We have great offers on the best products from Kashmir.Have a look here for our Mother's Day offers.

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,

Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,But only one mother the wide world over.

George Cooper

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