Street Food of Kashmir

Street Food of Kashmir

Kashmir is known for its wonderful food and for its food loving people! Be it the mouthwatering wazwan, winter delicacy of harissa or the famous street food of Kashmir, the food here is as rich as the arts and crafts of Kashmir are. An outrageous must have for the calorie conscious and an absolute delight for the food lovers who are oblivious to calorie count; the street food here without a doubt is great!

Let us take your through the streets of Kashmir, discovering the delightful street food, the local snacks of Kashmir.

Nader Monjje

Everyone’s favorite for sure are the Lotus stem coated in subtle spiced flour, deep fried, crunchy bites of nader monjje.

Gadde Monjje

If you love fish, then this is a must try snack of Kashmir. Deboned fish deep fried in spiced flour. Rich and tasty!

Masala Tcotte

Boiled and flavored chickpea masala spread over a lavaas (kashmiri naan) with spicy mujj chetin (raddish chutney). Every bite of this warm filled tchotte speaks of heavenly taste. And this one is really healthy :)

Paratha Halwa

Paratha are the larger than your food dreams, soft fried roti’s that are a standalone winners. Dunk it in salty nun chai or the sugar sweet chai, it tastes equally good. Tastier with sweet suji ka halwa paste, this combo is a treat in itself. Do have it whenever you get a chance.

Gaer Gojje

Water Chestnuts! Eat them plain, fried or roasted; they are a winter special street food of Kashmir. You can always have a handful of aab gaerr anytime, anywhere.

Khandde Gazir

Crunchy bites of sugared sweet treats; A popular favorite among children and my mum still craves them at times :D


Yet another favorite of my mother and many others like her. Everyone loves this snowball styled sugar treat. It leaves your mouth with an after taste that leaves you craving for more.


You are not a true food lover, if you still have not tasted the smoked Kashmiri barbecue, tujje! I rest my case here.


The eye candy at every street nook, fresh and tasty vegetable pickle aka Kashmiri style. Colorful, vaer spiced vegetables that are a must have as side dish with roti or rice.

Kenn’k Masala

Hot boiled and flavored wheat split germ is very tasty and favorite of everyone, children and adults alike. Generally mixed with the kruhun masalle (black masala) mixed and eaten off a paper cone.


Shangram is yet another popular street food of Kashmir. It is the dried halwa balls that are sweet in taste.

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