How to Wear a Pashmina Scarf with your Bridesmaid's Dress

How to Wear a Pashmina Scarf with your Bridesmaid's Dress

Best Ways to Wear a Pashmina Scarf

As a bridesmaid, you’ll have plenty of responsibility resting on your shoulders. On one hand, you’ll be juggling between a thousand responsibilities towards your beloved bride and on the other, you’ll have the onus of being the next beautiful. Both of these cannot be compromised.

And here begins the dilemma of what to wear - you wouldn’t want to wear something very elaborate and extravagant because it will mean you’ll be able to move and then you can’t afford completely ignore how you look because hey! It’s the special day of your special buddy!

So here comes the deal breaker. You’ve got to wear something which is light to carry and classy in appeal. And what better thing could do justice to both dimensions than a Pashmina Scarf.

A classic Pashmina scarf is popular because of the way it is handmade by 33 artisans put together. From hand spinning to hand weaving, the scarf undergoes meticulous processes which make it what it is - a piece of luxury. The scarf hence becomes eligible not just for weddings but also for formal meetings, gatherings and glitterati.

Once you’ve decided to put on a Pashmina with your bridesmaid dress, the next question is how to wear it. Most of us would simply drape it over the shoulders and voila! While this style looks drop dead gorgeous it is still too conventional to stand apart. There are so many other unique ways which can completely transform the way you and your outfit looks. Be a little creative, and it can define your personality as coy or bold.

Here are some unique ways to wear a Pashmina scarf:

1. The Elbow Grace

Begin with draping the Pashmina across your shoulders and allow it to fall over your elbows. This style is both effortless as well as elegant. This style keeps you warm and floating in elegance as you walk by managing the wedding chores.


2. The Knot

Fold your Pashmina scarf twice or thrice into half (lengthwise). Then go on to fold it widthwise one and tie it into a loop across your neck. If your scarf has fringes, then pass the fringed ends through these loops and adjust. Voila! The knot style is more Italian than ever and holds the potential to turn heads whenever you walk by.


3. The Kite

Take both ends of your Pashmina across the back of your body. Bring them around both your shoulders and tie them into an effortless knot. The kite will have you soaring throughout the wedding and on a plus side, it also helps keep you warm in case there’s a slight chill in the air.

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4. The Single Loop

This one never goes out of style and it’s super simple to follow. You simply take wear the scarf across your neck, take one end of the scarf and place it on the opposite shoulder while the rest of the scarf falls gracefully across your back. While this style is easy to wear, it is also easy to fix in case you drop or spoil its folds while at work. No extra styling required the single loop is your quick fix as a bridesmaid.

5. The Cape Style

You don’t always need a cape to be the stylish diva. Your Pashmina Scarf can pretty much suffice. Here’s all you need to do. Drape your scarf across your shoulders (don’t worry, there’s more). Bring the ends towards the front of your body and tie them into a knot. This style is especially eyed-pleasing when you pair it with the gown. Make sure the colors are complimenting and you’ll look all the more graceful.

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6. The Indian Style

The Indian style has never really faded. Why is it called the Indian style though? Because mostly, that’s how the ethnic dupatta is draped in the country. So you take both the ends of your Pashmina scarf, hang them back across both your shoulders and allow them over your back. This style goes especially well when you are wearing a maxi or midi dress.

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7. The French Knot

The most impeccable way to add a dash of colour into bridesmaid dress if the French knot. For decades, this style of wearing a pashmina scarf has spanned the ramps and vogue walkways and yet it has never really faded. So how do you make the French Knot happen?

Simply fold your pashmina scarf in lengthways - once and then twice. Then make a fold widthwise. Loop it gracefully around your neck. Tuck one of its fringed ends into the loop.   Adjust the other end through the front and back through the loop yet again. How long does it take? Not even a minute!

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8. The Evening Drape

Evenings at the wedding will come and demand a style so extraordinary that everybody will try their best to complicate theirs. But simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, have you heard of that?

We’ll recommend that you choose a statement gown for the evening and accessorize it with a subtle Pashmina scarf so that it is your dress that takes the center stage while the pashmina scarf only does well to compliment it.

Hence the evening drape. Hold the shorter end of your pashmina scarf and allow it to taper down.   Place it over your shoulders and wear over your statement glittery and elegant evening gown.


9. The Waterfall Style

The waterfall style is an interesting drape if your dress is more plain towards the front and needs more coverage than the usual. It is also ideal to wear when a slight chill spike unexpectedly during the wedding. Apart from being comfortable to wear, the Waterfall is more eye pleasing than you could ever imagine.

Loop your pashmina scarf round your neck with both its ends tapering down towards your navel. Take one end of the scarf across the body and tuck it into the loop you’ve already created. You’ll want to secure this with a safety pin so that it doesn’t come off. Allow the rest of the scarf to cascade like a waterfall. Dress up with a long and elegant dress and turn heads as you walk by in style.


10. The Shrug Style

There will be certain times in the wedding schedule when you won’t have the privilege to carry a style that occupies both your hands (or arms). That’s one of the perks which come in handy with being a bridesmaid. So you’ll want to ensure that while your beautiful friend takes the center stage, you neither compromise on your style nor on what you must do for her. This especially comes handy when you are so overwhelmed with work that you’d rather throw away all the accessories which are holding you back and get your best friend/ sister/ confidante wedding to perfection. Hence the shrug style - You pull out your Pashmina scarf, take its one corner off and fold it to the center. Then you repeat it with the other side. Once done, you’ll see two spaces within the shawl where you need to slide your arms. Voila. You’re wearing a scarf cum shrug which not just rests across your back but also refrains from holding you back from being the perfect bridesmaid.


11. Make a Sarong

Because tying a Pashmina scarf around your neck can be so particularly cliche, here’s another way to wear it. Pull it into a Sarong. For those of you who don’t know what a Sarong is, it is a  southeast Asian garment wrapped around the body and tucked at the waist. Recently, the end for wearing a sarong has seen a surge in the world of luxury fashion. And since this style goes particularly well with a long dress, we’d recommend wearing it as a bridesmaid.  So how do you tie a Sarong?

Simply wrap your Pashmina scarf around your waist and tie the ends together at the hip. Wear this over a fitted dress and you are good to go.


12. Wear it as a headscarf

This one is a real rescuer. If you are having a bad hair day on your BFFs wedding, the one could prove to be a lifesaver. Place it over your head and knot the ends at the nape of your neck or let it drape loosely around your shoulders. You could even pull off your Pashmina scarf as a bandana. Just fold it twice and tie it around your hair. The 80’s invincible fashion was all about bandanas, wasn’t it?

We hope you found our Pashmina tutorial useful. There are so many other ways to drape your beautiful luxurious scarf that we are falling short of space. Here’s to many more.

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