100% Genuine

GI Certified Brick Wall Cashmere Pashmina Stole

₹ 15,000



  • Fabric :Cashmere Pashmina
  • Color :Purple
  • Size :70*200 cms
  • Care :Dry Clean Only
  • Type :Handpsun, Hand woven
  • KBCODE: KB10151
  • Time To Make : 30+ Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Yinder Pashmina Society
The crisp wind of the winters has surrounded the earth, blending every bit of it in love, pleasance and a joyful bliss. Adjust with nature with a subtle shaded Pashmina stole handmade in colours to fall in love with, perfect to wear on a tranquil winter evening. NOTE: The actual color of the Pashmina may vary due to photographic effects.
Yinder Pashmina Society is a group of artisans who come together to restore the art of Pashmina making to its original glory. Their signature Pashmina bears a seal of authenticity, the G.I mark which can be used to trace the artisan behind its making. The wraps created by the Yinder Group are hence a luxury to be cherished for a lifetime.
Kashmiri Pashmina has been registered under the Geographical Indications (G.I) of Good Act of India. The registration is an acknowledgement of the fact that the handicraft is unique and is produced in a particular area with traditional knowledge and skills. A G.I Certified Pashmina has a unique code, which can be searched on www.kashmirpashmina.secure-ga.com to verify authenticity. Specifications for a Kashmiri Pashmina to qualify for GI seal are: 1. It should be made of 100% Pashmina Fiber having fineness of below 16 microns and obtained from the under fleece of mountain goat "Capra Hiracus" 2. Hand spun on traditional wheel (Charkha) 3. Hand Woven by artisans traditionally and skillful developed unique handloom specific to it.