100% Genuine

Walnut Wood Chinar Tray

₹ 2,347 ₹ 1,995



  • Dimensions :14.5 x 10 x 1.2 inches approx
  • Utility :Used as Home décor
  • Weight :570 Grams approx
  • Care :Clean With Soft Cloth
  • KBCODE: KB2869
  • Time To Make : 15-20 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Haneef Brothers
Enhance the aesthetics of your lovely kitchen and add this beautifully carved tray in your fancy kitchen collection. The lovely tray has been carved in the long lasting sheen of the precious walnut wood tree and guarantees a long term companionship without fail. The tray is carved in the traditional motif of chinar leaf vine. This chinar vine forms the border of the tray inclusive of the handles as well. The inner border is subtly done in small dotted patterns while the back comes in with supporting wooden bars. The lovely rectangle tray will add a class to your serving experience and will be an object of talk in your party. Let the ladies talk and envy your grand style!
Hanief Brothers are the leading Walnut Wood Manufacturers of Kashmir. Having been into walnut wood making since four generations, they have crafted for themselves an unmatched presence in the valley. Known for their finesse and incredible craft skills, the Hanief Brothers have set a niche for themselves. From a small walnut wood key chain to walnut wood décor and utility items to large walnut wood furniture house, they have mastered the specialization in all.
Kashmir is the only region in India bestowed with the presence of the majestic Walnut Trees, the most intriguing dimension of which is the beautiful carving it hosts. Wood carving reached Kashmir from Central Asia some 600 years ago when a Muslim Saint Shah-e-Hamdaan migrated to the Valley. Walnut wood in natural as well as in carved form has been used for making elegant furniture and home décor through a laborious process since its inception