100% Genuine

Jade Black Flared Tilla Paisleyed Silk Suit

₹ 12,000



  • Fabric :Pure Silk
  • Color :Black
  • Stitching Type :Stitched
  • Care :Dry Clean Only
  • Embroidery :Machine Tilla
  • Suit Type :3 piece
  • KBCODE: KB6293
  • Time To Make : 15-20 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Tul Palav
As they say, being well dressed is a beautiful form of culturedness. To inspire this cultured look is handpicked a suit which combines the class of black with the finesse of silk. The jade tone to which it is set, the formal fall of silk which forms its base and the shimmer of Tilla Embroidery which makes its ornamentation add up to inspire refined ethnicity in the persona of its proud owner. The gown is tailored into modish cuts and flares and twinkle in golden hues of Tilla which grace its neck, forming elaborate florals around it. The sleeves of the suit dramatically flare with a flick of the wrist . Accessorize it with some precious jewelry and be the epitome of class wherever you go.
Tul Palav is a lifestyle brand initiated by a young and vibrant entrepreneur Iqra, whose personal initiative is to represent the culture she belongs to. Iqra wanted that her work should reflect the “Kashmiriyat” in what people wear and how they wear it. Her designs are dedicated to all those women who find pride in who they are and believe in what they can become. She's proud of being Kashmiri and Tul Palav is her belief of becoming who she really is.
Cherished by Kashmiri brides since times immemorial, Tilla Embroidery is done using a gold or a silver thread on needlepoint. Said to have originated in a village named “Zari” in Iran, Tilla Dozi was introduced by Shah – e- Hamadan, a Muslim Saint, who migrated to Kashmir from Persia following Taimur’s invasion. Tilla embroidered dresses make exquisite, epoch pieces of silver or golden hues and mark their presence, not only during the wedding but beyond it, in the memories of those who set their eyes on them. Kashmir Box – Tilla Collection