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The Tale of Brothers Silk Carpet

₹ 540,000



  • Fabric :Silk On Silk
  • Color :Multi Color
  • Knottage :22 * 22 (Single knot)
  • Size :3 * 5 Feet
  • Care :Chemical free soap or Professional Rug Cleaners
  • KBCODE: KBF2178
  • Time To Make : 5-7 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Shalimar Carpets
The hand knotted carpet narrates the tale of the brothers who were envious of their youngest sibling. Bound by their jealousy, they conspired to throw him in a well and left him to die. Years later, this little boy from the well became the king. He reminded his brothers of their evil and forgave them, thus setting an example of beautiful forgiveness. The 22*22 knottage carpet takes a carpet weaver more than 6 months and an extraordinary combination of 319 colours to complete before it sets out to beautify your home with its wisdom. 
It was in 1976 when his brother used to work for the Craft Master himself - Jamal Siraj - and that is where this family learnt the basics of Carpet making. Since then, SHALIMAR has crafted one of its kind carpets which have won numerous awards in and outside the valley, including a special place in the clinton house. Usually Kashmiri carpets feature a colour range of 28-30 colour threads. But SHALIMAR carpets have a range of 300 colours which make then more exquisite and a must have for craft patrons
Carpet weaving was introduced in Kashmir by King Budshah in late 15th century. It is believed that he brought master artisans from Persia to improvise over the spinning and weaving capabilities of artisans, thus introducing the beautiful carpet weaving into the traditional arts of Kashmir. Carpet making in Kashmir is pure art and the quality depends upon the number of knots used in its making. Each carpet is woven based on a design visualized by a designer and its corresponding Talim which the weaver follows while crafting the piece of art Kashmir Box – Carpet Collection