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Antique Silver Beaded NecklaceAntique Silver Beaded Necklace

Antique Silver Beaded Necklace


Beaded beauties in ornaments have never really gone out of fashion! They manifest their beauty, henc..

Antique Silver Cat Neck PieceAntique Silver Cat Neck Piece

Antique Silver Cat Neck Piece


Rooted to the Riwaayat (tradition) of Kashmir comes a necklace, the pendant of which is a peacefully..

Antique Silver Cordate Stoned NecklaceAntique Silver Cordate Stoned Necklace

Antique Silver Cordate Stoned Necklace


Because silver steals away the hearts, our artisans thought of creating an ornament in the very shap..

Antique Silver Flower Boxed NecklaceAntique Silver Flower Boxed Necklace

Antique Silver Flower Boxed Necklace


An average casual look can be instantly lifted with an exquisite silver neck piece - the likes of th..

Antique Silver Hanuman Charm Neck PieceAntique Silver Hanuman Charm Neck Piece

Antique Silver Hanuman Charm Neck Piece


To inspire a true devotional upliftment for the devotees of Hanuman, comes this neck piece crafted i..

Antique Silver Pointered Stone NecklaceAntique Silver Pointered Stone Necklace

Antique Silver Pointered Stone Necklace


Lucky four leaved clovers engraved upon a pointer shaped pendant which has been crafted in the antiq..

Antique Stoned Silver NecklaceAntique Stoned Silver Necklace

Antique Stoned Silver Necklace


For those, who would rather accesorize in a light piece of jewelry to accentuate their attire, this ..

Beaded Bone NecklaceBeaded Bone Necklace

Beaded Bone Necklace


To complete your much loved boho look, here is a bone necklace to inspire a raw earthy style about y..

Carved Elepantine Bone NecklaceCarved Elepantine Bone Necklace

Carved Elepantine Bone Necklace


The classic and regal elephant is carved intricately into a pendant of fish bone by the master artis..

Carved Heart Shaped Antique Silver NecklaceCarved Heart Shaped Antique Silver Necklace

Carved Heart Shaped Antique Silver Necklace


Little fluttering hearts, crafted in the grandiose of antique Kashmiri Silver are worked upon by mas..

Floral Eyed Antique Silver NecklaceFloral Eyed Antique Silver Necklace

Floral Eyed Antique Silver Necklace


A delicate chain flowing through the very essence of an exquisite eye shaped pendant is what our art..

Indian Maharani Bone NecklaceIndian Maharani Bone Necklace

Indian Maharani Bone Necklace


The Nazakat (elegance) of an Indian Maharani is beautifully translated into this pendant, which is c..

Indian Queen Bone NecklaceIndian Queen Bone Necklace

Indian Queen Bone Necklace


The Nazakat (elegance) of an Indian Queen is beautifully translated into this pendant, which is craf..

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Rustic Stone Antique Silver NecklaceRustic Stone Antique Silver Necklace

Rustic Stone Antique Silver Necklace


A delicate chain of antique silver, brought to life by rustic stones makes a neck piece which inspi..

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Sandalwood Carved Elephant NecklaceSandalwood Carved Elephant Necklace

Sandalwood Carved Elephant Necklace


A necklace crafted in mystical sandalwood is not something you get to see everyday. It is known to u..