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Small Decorative Willow Kashmiri Kangri

₹ 800



  • Material :Earthern ,Willow
  • Size :7*17"
  • Care :Wipe with a wet Cloth
  • :
  • KBCODE: KB6637
  • Time To Make : 15-20 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Gousia
Reflecting over the decorative memento you brought from Kashmir, you fall in love with its culture. Kangri - an earthern pot filled with hot charcoal embers craftily hand woven around with wicker wood is the ultimate savour of Kashmiris in the chilly winter days. This portable heater is carried around by the locals under the traditional winter outfit - the pheran. This small sized decorative piece is adorned by innovative designs, which adds colour and life to it, besides making it the ultimate traditional decor piece you can show off.
Specializing in the finesse of hand crafted wicker willow, Gousia willow is an initiative by a 95 year old artisan who brought the craft of basketry to a pinnacle of glory. His craftsmanship is now carried forward by his sons who make utlities, accessories and more out of the craft which emanates earthiness.
Wicker willow, locally known as Veer Kani is one of the most significant crafts of Kashmiri Handicraft Industry. These creative and delicately crafted masterpieces of art are a wonderful sight while taking a tour of the rich Kashmiri handicraft markets. Ganderbal district in Kashmir provides the climate conditions for the plant to grow. A one kilometer travel from Ganderbal takes one to the Shalabugh village which is home to the willow artisans. Some of the most commonly crafted items are baskets, flower vases, room dividers, lamp shades, curtain rings, trays, cycle baskets, chairs , racks, holders, swings and not to forget the traditional Kashmiri Kangri!