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Abstract Art Blue Pastel StoleAbstract Art Blue Pastel Stole

Abstract Art Blue Pastel Stole


An abstract art gray blue stole is a lovely addition to this collection of woolen stole. A perfect b..

Abstract Art Lemon Pastel StoleAbstract Art Lemon Pastel Stole

Abstract Art Lemon Pastel Stole


A lemon shade in this woolen stole acts as a beautiful canvas to all the faces painted on it. An abs..

Abstract Art Orange Pastel StoleAbstract Art Orange Pastel Stole

Abstract Art Orange Pastel Stole


A lovely pastel stole in the mix of soothing colors in this abstract art collection of stoles is som..

Beige Paisley Border StoleBeige Paisley Border Stole

Beige Paisley Border Stole


We have for you a pastel shade of charm, the beige in a wonderful paisley pattern on the borders of..

Berry Red Woolen StoleBerry Red Woolen Stole

Berry Red Woolen Stole


Because solid colors are the new in, we have for you a stylish wrap in a gorgeous shade of deep berr..

Black Gold Laced Summer StoleBlack Gold Laced Summer Stole

Black Gold Laced Summer Stole


In the regal color contrastof black and gold comes this stole - crafted in summery cashmere and the ..

Black Maroon Swarovski StoleBlack Maroon Swarovski Stole

Black Maroon Swarovski Stole


To add a hint of modernity and exquisiteness to your summers, handpicked is a stole in feathery ligh..

Blue Kani Print PhiranBlue Kani Print Phiran

Blue Kani Print Phiran


The sheer elegance of Kashmiri Kani prints comes to brighten up your winters in the warmth of soft ..

Bright Red Plain Woolen StoleBright Red Plain Woolen Stole

Bright Red Plain Woolen Stole


In a bold and beautiful shade of red, we have chosen for you a lovely woolen stole in the blend of K..

Cloud Grey Swarovski Summer StoleCloud Grey Swarovski Summer Stole

Cloud Grey Swarovski Summer Stole


A cloud of swarovski bejewels the underlying base of soft and summery cashmere to create a wrap whic..

Coin Grey Swarovski Patterned Summer StoleCoin Grey Swarovski Patterned Summer Stole

Coin Grey Swarovski Patterned Summer Stole


Diamond like sequences of swarovski bejewels the underlying base of soft and summery grey cashmere t..

Colors Woolen StoleColors Woolen Stole

Colors Woolen Stole


We have for you a stunning piece of woolen wrap. This winter, let colors be your charm, indulge your..

Crème Paisley Kani Print Woolen StoleCrème Paisley Kani Print Woolen Stole

Crème Paisley Kani Print Woolen Stole


The trend of Kanis was set by none other than Empress Josephine. However, we have turned them into a..

Daffodil Yellow Woolen StoleDaffodil Yellow Woolen Stole

Daffodil Yellow Woolen Stole


In the color of bright and beautiful daffodils, which promise the advent of spring, comes a warm sto..

Dotted Silver Color StoleDotted Silver Color Stole

Dotted Silver Color Stole


Kashmir Box offers you an exclusive range of 100% Pure Woolen Stole that uniquely reflect the timele..